• New Project

    Creation of industrial 3D renders

    Sample of projects for the creation of industrial products by means of 3D rendering. The work…
  • New Project

    Digital infographic design
    Schneider Electric

    Creation of an infographic to share digitally. A communication element that, through illustrations, helps to synthesize…
  • New Project

    Industrial catalogue design

    Updating of the general catalog of 433 pages, based on a document on which a global…
  • New Project

    Informative action design

    Creation of an informative action managed by Admedicum, to publicize the particularities of the SMA disease…
  • New Project

    Interface design for an app
    MC Mutual

    Collaboration with MC Mutual for the development of the interface of its App "APPuesta por tu…
  • New Project

    Technical product catalog 

    Europerfil is a specialist company in metallic and insulating enclosures, develops and manufactures a wide range…
  • New Project

    Creation of promotional videos

    Promotional campaign for the presentation of Webatt's intelligent accumulation solutions for photovoltaic self-consumption. Creation of creative…
  • Web design for the real estate sector
    GIL Serveis Immobiliaris

    Web design for the real estate sector, creation of a functional and attractive interface based on…
  • Industrial product launching campaign

    Creation of a campaign to launch a new line of Interflex industrial HR products.
  • Product video creation

    Creation of a product video for the new Zodiac Pool Cleaner Robot. Search for location for…
  • Landing page design

    Commercial business concept creation, style creation, web design and programming of the O3Fluid presentation landing page.
  • brand restyling for real estate
    GIL Serveis Immobiliaris

    The restyling of the chosen branding is a clear evolution of the branding from which we…
  • Website design and programming

    Creation of a responsive website for the company Construverti, which is part of a renaming /…
  • Packaging design for retail
    Schneider Electric

    In order to show and maximize Schneider Electric's new product offer for sale in retail and…
  • Creation of a promotional video
    MC Mutual

    Creation of a promotional video of MC Mutual services. In which an application for HR is…
  • Corporate image restyling

    Restyling of the brand of the Eco-Efficient company. From briefing and analysis of the sector, the…
  • Design and layout of landing page

    Design and layout of landing page to position the Brandfull & Co brand in a new…
  • Corporate sales folder design

    Within the project of creation of branding for Novobox, company specialized in the manufacture of packaging.…
  • Banner design for online communication
    Schneider Electric

    Compilation of some corporate, promotional and product banners designed for Schneider Electric. Made in different formats…
  • Video and communication for event

    Direction, production, shooting and video post-production for the event that Pegasus organized in Berlin, which brought…
  • Creation of product catalog

    Creation of graphic and communicational style of the real estate products catalog of the construction company…
  • Branding design

    Branding design for manufacturer of ozone machines O3Fluid. Concept development, establishment of values ​​to position the…
  • Commercial display design

    Commercial display design to emphasize the special characteristics of a textile product produced with bamboo fibers.
  • Promotional packaging design
    Schneider Electric

    Development of graphic communication for promotional packagings of different Schneider Electric product combinations for retail.
  • Service presentation video
    MC Mutual

    Presentation of a new Mutual MC service, to measure temporary disability at work.
  • Promotional campaign design

    Development of a promotional campaign to launch a new product from Elecon, a manufacturer of special…
  • Communication campaign

    Development of different types of elements for commercial communication of the Webatt offer in different channels.
  • Landing page creation
    Intemo Technologies

    Development and structuring of content, composition, design and programming of a landing page to promote the…
  • Creation of Kimaldi’s fair stand

    Graphic design for graphic and communicational elements for the Kimaldi stand at the SICUR 2020 fair…
  • Website design

    Cajaislant's website design based on the redesign of the brand, analyzing the competition and the needs…
  • Loyalty campaign catalogs

    To carry out a loyalty campaign by points, different communication elements were designed and created. Among…
  • Design of prommotional posters
    Schneider Electric

    Compilation of promotional posters for Schneider Electric. We present a series of posters of different sizes…
  • Rebranding for construction company

    Development of consulting for the improvement of the commercial and ultimately business positioning of the construction…
  • Stand design for fair
    Intemo Technologies

    Corporate stand design for the SICUR fair in Madrid. Corner stand with distribution of space divided…
  • Commercial product catalog

    Together with the creation of the branding for novobox, a company specialized in the manufacture of…
  • Electrical material packaging
    Schneider Electric

    Packaging design for electrical equipment, destined for the sale in lines of DIY centers and large…
  • Express modification of a general product catalogue

    Catalogue update project based on a document previously made. On which general modifications were applied and…
  • Logo restyling

    Branding restyling for Elecon, a company that manufactures conductive cables for industrial applications. Evolution of typographic…
  • Analysis, consulting, communication style and web design

    The web creation for the Webatt energy company is part of a global project to improve…
  • Photo session for business

    Displacement of a creative and a photographer from our studio to analyze needs with our client.…
  • Online store design for textile sector

    Website design and e-commerce programming aimed at large consumption. Analysis of needs and competition, development of…
  • Commercial communication for solutions in time management
    Intemo Technologies

    Development of graphic and communicational style to establish commercial elements, for a company which designs and…
  • Appliance photo session

    Planning and realization of a photo session for 4 large Liheberr products.
  • Logo design for restaurant
    Douro Restaurant

    Brand design for Douro restaurant in Oporto, Portugal. Logo design and graphic symbol based on customer's…
  • Website for packaging manufacturer

    Within the branding restiling project carried out for the Novobox packaging company, the corporate website has…
  • Direction, design and event production
    Schneider Electric

    Analysis and development of the strategy, actions and communication elements for the Innovation Summit pre-event held…
  • Corporate e-commerce website
    Agencia Talens Publicitat

    Restyling of the website for the Talens Agency, a merchandising and promotional gift distribution company. Updating…
  • Institutional communication
    Italian Trade Agency

    Project management and production of ITA corporate elements for the ITMA 2019 fair, international exhibition of…
  • Restyling of branding for investment fund

    Analysis, development and branding design for Gesiuris. Creation of very conservative brand restyling due to the…
  • Barcelona restaurant web design

    Analysis of the environment, positioning, gastronomic offer, interior design,... and customer needs for the creation of…
  • McDonald’s calendar design
    Fundación Ronald McDonald

    Design of the solidarity calendar 2020, in Din-A3 format. Creativity and style development to cover pages…
  • Office communication
    Schneider Electric

    Action to reinforce the brand value of the new offices of Schneider Electric in Molins de…
  • Event design and production

    Realization of the different communication elements to reinforce the commercial action and image of Kimaldi in…
  • Catalog design

    Extraction, revision and realization of new contents for the creation of a restiling of the general…
  • Brand design

    Restyling of the Cajaislant company branding. Analysis and design of branding, based on the parameters established…
  • Retail packaging
    Schneider Electric

    Creation of retail packaging, aimed at linear and corners of commercial sections, DIY shopping centers and…
  • Realization of Corporate video

    Making of corporate video for Tegasa, manufacturer of animal feed. The video lasts 55 seconds in…
  • Landing page creation manager

    Web design and programming project for an application for distributors of baby chairs and strollers of…
  • Photoshoot of industrial technology

    Product photography for Monocrom, the world's leading company in diode laser solutions and laser application services…
  • Creation and web programming

    Analysis, consultancy, and development of technical proposals (navigation architecture, wireframes of different usability levels, ...) to…
  • Strategy and creativity for retail of sports equipment

    Development of communication concepts to position and increase visibility, for the Merrell sports shoe brand and…
  • Catalog layout and design
    Schneider Electric

    Catalog "Solutions for your home" of Schneider Electric. Design and layout of the catalog of 268…
  • Web design for parish
    Parròquia de Sant Joan de Gràcia

    Development of a website for the Parish of Sant Joan de Gracia in Barcelona. To define…
  • Photography of exhibition products

    Photo session of exhibition products for jewelery, boxes, exhibitors, different types of finishes and materials.
  • Creation of naming and branding for food brand

    Creation of the brand from scratch. Sectoral and environment analysis to develop the company's Naming, logo…
  • Corporate elements for Heco
    Heco Schrauben Iberica

    Realization of corporate elements to achieve brand presence at the Egurtek fair, International Architecture and Wood…
  • Vinegar packaging design
    Mas Gourmets

    Creation of a label in 3 languages ​​following the new graphic style of the brand.
  • Creation of the shopwindows for sports shoes

    Design and production of product showcases for the sports shoe brand Merrell. Analysis of environment and…
  • Creation of packaging for coffee and cocoa

    Packaging design of Nespresso and Dolce Gusto type coffee capsules and bagger packs for chocolate and…
  • Brand restiling for Novobox

    Restiling of the branding for the leading company in the jewelry packaging sector. Evolution of the…
  • Stand for animal feed products fair

    Creation of the Tegasa stand for the VIV ASIA BANGKOK fair. Stand consists of stand heads,…
  • Creation of corporate elements

    From the different elements of image and communication made for this brand of clothing and accessories,…
  • Creation of Branding for an Investment Group

    Creation of a logo for Advantia, brand of an investment business group. Typographic branding, marked by…
  • Promotional campaign on / off-line
    Assa Abloy

    Graphic design of elements for on-line promotion and an element for on-line and off-line communication for…
  • Promotional video for an event of the dental sector
    Dentsply Sirona

    Production of the promotional video for the Dentsply Sirona World event, an international event for the…
  • Stand design for fair

    Stand design for the Advanced Factories fair in Barcelona, ​​for the company Sick, manufacturer of industrial…
  • Industrial product presentation video

    Development of a product video for the industrial sector. Creation through modeling of products, animated video…
  • Participation in a charity event
    Fundación Ronald McDonald

    Collaboration of Mediactiu with the Ronald McDonald Foundation for the development of different elements of communication…
  • General catalog of kitchenware

    Analysis, planning, art direction, content organization, graphic design and layout of the product catalog.
  • Brand restyling and brand guidelines

    Restyling of the brand Kimaldi, manufacturer and distributor of hardware for biometric identification. Based on the…
  • Stand design for Welbilt

    Design of stands for fairs in different cities for the Welbilt brand. Realization and design of…
  • Website design for textile company

    Development of a web project for a company in the textile and accessories sector. Realization of…
  • Industrial Product Presentation Video
    Schneider Electric

    Creation and development of the storyboard and graphic style of the video in which we organized…
  • Campaign for retail stores

    Creation of a commercial action for the company Gedasa, manufacturers of door fittings, locks, brakes, ...…
  • Design of product catalog

    Design of a product catalog for Cybex, a German company of the Goodbaby International Holdings Limited…
  • Creation of a blog type website
    VSM Abrasives

    VSM abrasives is a German multinational abrasive manufacturer. Due to its advanced technology and high quality…
  • Industrial Product Video
    Schneider Electric

    Development of a product video for the industrial sector in which contents of videos, photographs and…
  • Promotional campaign design
    Assa Abloy

    Campaign design to present new products for ASSA ABLOY, a leading brand in security systems and…
  • Promotional video for Dentsply Sirona Event
    Dentsply Sirona

    Realization of a teaser video of 30 seconds, to promote an event at an international level.
  • Promotional campaign banners

    Development of web banners for different types of promotional campaigns in online portals and websites.
  • Tutorial Video for an APP of a product for Schneider Electric
    Schneider Electric

    Development of a tutorial video for showing a product configuration through a Schneider Electric APP. Storyboard…
  • Corporate Christmas Spot
    Dentsply Sirona

    Realization of corporate Christmas video for Dentsply Sirona, with a solidarity message to raise funds for…
  • Communication actions for Christmas 

    Compilation of some of the direct marketing promotional campaigns carried out to celebrate the Holidays.
  • Sortefront displays for Merrell

    Showcase design for the Merrell brand for Wala and Intersport stores. The project includes from the…
  • Testimonial Video Fundación Corachan
    Fundació Corachan

    Filming of a testimonial video of 2.30 minutes, recorded in a continuous take with a light…
  • Branding design for the Sant Joan de Gràcia Church
    Parròquia de Sant Joan de Gràcia

    Logo design for the Church of Sant Joan de Gràcia, evoking the patron saint of the…
  • Teaser video for textile sector

    Planning and development of a 25 seconds promotional teaser video to present the web of a…
  • Creation of naming, branding and brand registration

    Typographic branding, in which the focus is on the name of the brand. A brand focused…
  • Sample book with physical technological product
    Fractus Antennas

    Creation of a real product display catalog, for an engineering and antenna manufacturing company who create…
  • EPI product catalog
    Maquinaria Herraiz

    Creation of style, layout and production of a product catalog for the company Maquinaria Herraiz. The…
  • Graphic communication for EMEA Canalys 2018 event
    Schneider Electric

    Development of creativity, concept, communication, graphic design and production of the different communication elements and merchandising…
  • Brand restyling = communication restyling
    Mas Gourmets

    For a brand restyling to have consistency and achieve the expected projection, an update must also…
  • IATA Newsletter Design

    Analysis, design and programming of a corporate Newsletter to enhance the mailings of IATA, the International…
  • Catalog for dental sector 
    Dentsply Sirona

    Production of an image catalog for Dentsply Sirona, to show novelties in dental products and technologies…
  • Video demonstration and product installation 
    Schneider Electric

    Development, production, direction, filming and postproduction of a presentation video of a radio frequency product for…
  • Promotional material for industrial sector of catering equipment 

    Design of promotional material for the brand of professional appliances Welbilt. Development of commercial elements for…
  • Elements of commercial communication for fairs

    Global project of graphic design, industrial design, image, printing, signage and production of a modular product…
  • Photo session for Dental Clinic in Barcelona
    Clínica Dr. Pi

    Realization of photo session of the Dr Pi Dental Clinic. Planning and analysis of frames of…
  • Video for institutional event

    Creation of an animated 2D video for the presentation and commemoration of the 40th anniversary of…
  • Promotion of food products for festivities
    MAS Gourmets

    Development of creativity of promotional elements for the festivity of Sant Joan. Analysis and planning of…
  • Professional kitchen packaging design

    The sophistication and quality of the product requires the development of a case-type packaging with transparent…
  • Graphic design of commercial diptych
    Webatt Energy

    Creativity, definition of graphic style, content treatment and graphic design to present Webatt and its offer…
  • Technical product catalog design

    Global development of editorial project, from the creation of the graphic style, to the production of…
  • Video of the installation of an industrial product
    Schneider Electric

    Realization of video for product presentation and installation. Global development of multimedia project, from the presentation…
  • Label design and product photography

    Photo session of chemical product with white background for online and offline use. Photographs of three…
  • Stand design for Alimentaria fair

    Stand design for the food fair, within a space of 150m2 divided into 5 areas: product…
  • Product development in 3D

    Development and rendering of 9 3D images of metallic profiles. The finishes had to be consistent…
  • 3D animation video of product
    Zodiac Pool Ibérica

    Development of product video of 1:25 minutes in 2 languages. The product is presented through the…
  • Product catalog layout

    Development of the Supreminox catalog that has a total of 136 pages. It is a very…
  • Labeling of corporate vehicles

    Creative and graphic development for labeling the fleet of vans of the company's installers. Graphics of great…
  • Creation and application of corporate image
    Creative Solution

    Creation of branding and its different applications for a large format labeling company. Concept analysis and…
  • 3D animation video of industrial product

    Creation of a video for an industrial product by means of 3D rendering. The objective of…
  • Internal Communication (Human Resources)
    Schneider Electric

    Development of all of the necessary different elements for the creation of an internal training tool. Through…
  • Lettering and promotional sticker design
    bcool Hostels

    Creation of a promotional element for the bcool hostels chain. Development of concept, communication and lettering…
  • Creation of 3D product video and applications

    Realization of product renders: fire and smoke curtains, and creation of virtual scenarios: airport, warehouse, museum…
  • Communication elements in media and posters
    SOM Experiència Immobiliària

    Creation of corporate communication elements for real estate. The communicational concept has been created in all…
  • Product display
    Schneider Electric

    Design, creativity and treatment of images and contents for product display with communication. Creation of this typology…
  • Product video development

    Analysis of project’s needs, briefing and development of storyboards. Design of static and animated 3D renders in…
  • Sausages Packaging Design
    Mas Gourmets

    Design of food packaging for sausages and cheeses for Mas Gourmets. Analysis of needs and costs. Development…
  • Product technical photographs
    Schneider Electric

    Session of photos of a product and its way of use, elaboration of sketches to present…
  • Household appliance photography session

    Realization of photographic sessions in different locations. Sessions aimed at showing the products of Miele, manufacturer…
  • Creation of product catalogs

    Development of catalogs, price lists and promotional catalogs for the American multinational company Welbilt, manufacturer of…
  • Website for Marketing company

    Web design project for Costaquesada, a marketing and communication agency. Development of architecture and project structure.
  • Decorative illustration
    Hoteles Catalonia

    Development of illustrations of the Barcelona skyline to decorate the Hall of a hotel in Barcelona…
  • Industrial photography for VSM

    Planning and development of a photo shooting session of abrasive products. Realization of photographs of individual product…
  • Design and photography for sales point display
    Schneider Electric

    Analysis and development of solution for large retail areas. Creation of product display for Schneider Electric.…
  • Presentation video of Extra Virgin Olive Oils EDO
    EDO Olive Oil

    Realization of a presentation video of a premium food product of 1:48 minutes of duration. Analysis of…
  • Creation of a Stand for Tegasa

    Analysis and design of the stand for the Agragex fair in Bilbao. Modular stand development consisting…
  • Communication for events

    Analysis and development for the realization and communication of a "Master Class" event for Chefs and…
  • 3D animation of industrial product
    Schneider Electric

    Planning of project, storyboard, and development of a product video in which the individual pieces of…
  • Corporate presentation industrial video
    Schneider Electric

    Realization of a video of 6 minutes length. Project made entirely by Mediactiu, from analysis and…
  • 3D animation design
    Schneider Electric

    Realization of a 3D animation with transparent background to add on the final video.
  • Product photography for e-commerce
    Calzados Noel

    Product photo shoot and subsequent color retouching of more than 640 products for an e-commerce website,…
  • Illustration of industrial product and spaces
    Schneider Electric

    Creation of different illustrations from images selected by the client. The images will appear on a…
  • Corporate photography for website
    Turco Iberia

    Corporate photo shooting to present a company. Realization of a corporate photo session for Turco Iberia.…
  • Much more than a web design
    SOM Experiència Immobiliària

    Analysis and web consultancy for the real estate sector. Design and creation of a functional and…
  • 3D rendering
    Schneider Electric

    Creation of 3D Renders of 3 product ranges for the realization of a corporate video. Planning, development…
  • Photo shooting for textile / fashion sector
    Antigua Casa Balleste

    Planning of a photo shooting for Antigua Casa Balleste. Realization of a total of 35 images,…
  • Photo shooting for hotels
    Hoteles Catalonia

    Realization of photographic session of different hotel spaces, to present the different types of rooms, toilets,…
  • Development of packaging for animal feed

    Analysis, development and consulting for the realization of the new packaging for Tegasa, they had 9…
  • Photo shooting for industrial product
    Schneider Electric

    Direction of a photographic shooting for individual and several products together. To show the functionality of…
  • Mat Congress Stand Design
    Schneider Electric

    Design of a corporate stand for Schneider Electric. Design of the walls for the stand, giving…
  • Reel of different types of video

    Selection of some of the videos that have been made in mediactiu over the years. We…
  • Selection of Christmas greetings

    Selection of some of the direct marketing promotional campaigns that we have done to communicate the…
  • Catalog design for industrial sector
    Schneider Electric

    Design and layout of a product catalog for Schneider Electric installers. The catalog in DinA5 format (closed)…
  • Fair events for Welbilt

    Development of online and printed communications to invite and communicate to different events and fairs the…
  • Illustration project for App

    Development of a series of 52 illustrations for a mobile App. Individual creation of each illustration with…
  • Uvartis, realization of naming, branding and corporate identity

    Implementation of a branding project from the creation of company naming (registrable), creation of a logo…
  • Brand creation. Vivendia.

    This branding design comes from an aspirational concept. The big arrow represents Vivendia, which guides and marks…
  • Newsletter, online communication element

    The newsletter is a direct and selective communication tool towards a specific target, to which we…
  • Packanging design with dual functionality

    Development of a very versatile packaging, which is adapted as an exhibitor for the product at…
  • Sales Folder for STE

    Based on the needs of the client, this commercial tool is developed. The product offer is…
  • Creation of web for commercial visits 
    Concerta Comercial

    Design of the structure, architecture and graphic interface of the web, search of images, realization of…
  • 2D animated video

    Creation of a 2D animated corporate video of 3:04 minutes of duration.
  • Design of promotional posters
    Schneider Electric

    Collection of promotional posters for the Schneider Electric. We present a series of posters of different sizes…
  • TwoKeys, branding and naming

    Creation of branding from its initial phase, the creation of a naming that is able to…
  • Photoshoot session
    La Marineta

    Analysis of needs, development and art direction of the photo shoot for Supreminox products.
  • Branding application in real estate offices
    SOM Experiència Immobiliària

    Offices of the real estate company "SOM Experiència Immobiliaria" in which according to the brand strategy…
  • Ceramic Product Packaging

    For the creation of the packaging, it was decided to enhance the product by means of…
  • Design and layout of a brochure. Sales Argumentary
    Schneider Electric

    Commercial document in a catalog format (closed Din-A4) of 12 pages in which based on the guide…
  • Design of catalogs for insurer

    Under the strict rules of style of this Dutch insurance company, we developed and evolved graphical…
  • Creation of graphic style for product catalog

    For the realization of this catalog, we have offered global services. Ranging from analysis and consultancy…
  • Design and production of restaurant menus
    Hoteles Catalonia

    Project for the sector of the restoration in which we have developed  the communicational and graphic…
  • Branding design for a business unit
    Schneider Electric

    In order to boost a business offer we established a branding that will help capitalize the…
  • Branding design to certify knowledge
    Schneider Electric

    As part of a push pull marketing strategy, we had to design a new logo for…
  • Web design for the industrial sector
    KCR technology

    With a complex branding, we have made the design and programming of this website for the…
  • Creation of naming, branding and restaurant applications
    Hoteles Catalonia

    Fruit of a narrowed briefing, we developed a naming and logo that emphasizes the concept of…
  • Image and communication elements for restaurant
    Hoteles Catalonia

    This restaurantes is located in the first building built in L'Eixample according to the "pla Cerdà”.…
  • Naming, branding, brand registration, branding applications…
    SOM Experiència Immobiliària

    Creation of actual and energetic corporate image, which positions this brand in its target and market.
  • Promotional food posters 
    Mas Gourmets

    Creation and development of design, communication and poster production for Mas Gourmets.
  • Branding design for a restaurant in Barcelona

    Due to the positioning of the restaurant, it was necessary to create an elegant typographic logo.
  • Development of branding, labeling and signage
    Clínica Opción Médica

    Development of branding for the labeling and signage of the different spaces of “Clínica Opción Médica”.
  • Branding for Panoramico

    Branding para un nuevo restaurante de la población Malagueña de Ronda...
  • Photographs of industrial products
    Schneider Electric

    Product images with white background, photo shoot in studio to be able to have an even…
  • 3D video production for Intisi

    Analysis of needs, customer product study and development of planning and Story board for a video…
  • Promotional campaigns for cosmetic brand

    Creation of different promotional campaigns for the cosmetic brand Singuladerm.
  • Web for real estate company
    Fincas Gonseni

    Consultancy, design and programming for the real estate company "Fincas Gonseni" for which we developed the…
  • Advertising campaign for an aesthetic clinic
    Clínica Opción Médica

    Creation of style and composition for the realization of advertisements for magazines and development of the…
  • Design and production of diplomas
    Fiatc Seguros

    Design that evolves the graphic standards of "Fiatc Seguros", personalization of diplomas in Catalan and Spanish,…
  • Design of stationery and catalogs for medical clinic
    Clínica Opción Médica

    Branding evolution to develop the stationery of the clinic, medical documents, service dossiers, folders for documents,…
  • Element of Direct Marketing

    Acció de Màrqueting directe per a fidelització de clients, transmetent la filosofia i ...
  • Intisi Stand Creation

    Stand design for international fair
  • Video. Animation. Illustration Homeskin Project

    Presentation and promotion of the project “Home Skin” founded by the Horizon 2020 program financed by…
  • Exhibitor. 3D. Event
    Schneider Electric

    Creation of an exhibitor for Schneider Electric, for national events. It has different areas of communication, spaces for physical…
  • Notebook. Direct marketing

    Direct marketing action to reinforce the image and values of the brand with a promotional element.…
  • Creation and rendering of oil holders

    Creation and 3D renders of the oil holders of 2 and 4 pieces for Supreminox. We…
  • Branding
    Hoteles Catalonia

    clean and minimal style. In line with harmony and simplicity...
  • Product catalog of the industrial sector

    Creation of the new catalog for the German multinational VSM, the style is updated to the…
  • Audi Service Catalog

    Development of graphic and communication concept for the creation of training material for after-sales employees, to…
  • Web design. Responsive. Usability
    Turco Española S.A.

    Project for restyling a website and updating its image. Usability analysis to provide this website with new features and…
  • Intisi Catalog Design

    Analysis of graphical antecedents, to be able to realize an improved product catalog by means of…
  • Photoshoot session for catalog

    Photoshoot session for the realization of environment photographs with product for commercial catalog
  • Commercial communication elements

    Strategy, creativity, graphic design and production of support materials for commercial departments.
  • Communication and business strategy
    Schneider Electric

    Creation of communication and image elements required by Schneider Electric to promote “EcoXpert network.” Global communication project with…
  • Branding. Corporate Stationery. Aeronautic
    Turco Spain

    Creation of the branding to differentiate themselves from the competition and become the benchmark for its…
  • Branding. Graphic identity. Services
    Concerta Comercial

    Dynamic branding which represents the double “C” of the company’s name. Global brand design and logo…
  • Stand. Event. Alimentaria

    Creation and production of a stand for the Alimentaria event 2016. Development of communication for the brand in order…
  • Creation of 3D logo

    Creation of the HIMEL brand logo in volume. Development of 3D images to present the brand's…
  • Commercial actions.Marketing. Merchandising.

    Development of communication and marketing elements for national and international commercial actions of Expafruit. To gain…
  • Book. Editorial design

    Development of a global editorial project. Starting with the compilation and management of contents with client…
  • Restyling. Branding. Services

    Restyling of branding, based on a typographical evolution. Conveys values of professionalism, agility and closeness. The…
  • Kitchenware photography session

    Photographic session to present professional kitchen products. Search for the location and selection of the props…
  • Editorial design. Catalog

    Editorial design for the new catalog. Creation of style, structure, font selection, prioritization of products and…
  • Sales folder for FontVella
    Font Vella

    Creation of the corporate element for the launching campaign of the new Font Vella bottles.
  • Marketing & communication
    Engel & Völkers

    Compilation of communication and marketing projects developed for Engel & Volkers
  • Schneider Electric product presentation event
    Schneider Electric

    Analysis, development, creation and production of the different spaces of the Showroom made for Schneider Electric.…
  • Packaging. Branding
    Can Pork

    Brand architecture development, creation of image and packaging for new products of the brand Can Pork
  • Special poster for Mas Gourmets
    Mas Gourmet

    Creation and production of posters of different formats designed specifically for the holiday season, making a…
  • APP promotional exhibitor. Retail marketing
    Schneider Electric

    Concept and strategy development, creativity and graphic design for a promotional display for Schneider Electric solutions at stores. Design and production of…
  • Editorial design. Illustration

    Editorial project for which we developed a new graphic style based on illustrations
  • Corporate video of results
    Schneider Electric

    Making of a 117 seconds video that shows the summary of the marketing action of the…
  • Automotive sector website

    Creation and development for a self-managed website. Realization of analysis, consulting and development prior to the…
  • Iconic branding for restaurant
    Hoteles Catalonia

    Attending a short and concise briefing, in which the image of a paella was requested, the…
  • Frying pan packaging

    An element developed to meet two needs of the packaging: to communicate (in different languages) benefits,…
  • Branding. Corporate identity. Stationery
    Turco Spain

    Analysis of brand needs, and development of the overall project
  • Video. Christmas season

    Creation a corporate video with sparks coming out of a sander, it strengths the product and…
  • Editorial design. Web design. Graphic design.

    Development of graphic concept for the promotion and sale of a new product range
  • Video. 50 anniversary. Christmas

    Development of the communication strategy to present the different projects of the company in a dynamic…
  • Service Box promotional campaign 
    Schneider Electric

    Development of an exhibitor for sales points that holds a pack with the promotion "Service Box"…
  • Marketing and communication. Editorial design
    Century 21

    Development of promotional communications. Creation of elements to reinforce comercial and marketing actions. Elements in different languages with…
  • Restyling

    Development of the elements of communication and graphic design both internal level and different customer segments…
  • Branding. Restaurant
    Hoteles Catalonia

    Branding for eboca, the new group of restaurants of Hoteles Catalonia
  • Global brand image project

    Global branding project
  • Restyling. Graphic design. Web design
    Schneider Electric

    Editorial redesign project focused on upgrading the graphical style of the 2015  Schneider Electric rate catalogs.…
  • Industrial product promotional video
    Schneider Electric

    Animated video with 2D illustrations, a product is presented through the animation of characters, also infographics…
  • Direct Marketing. Packaging
    Schneider Electic

    Packaging design project and development of the strategic plan of direct marketing to publicize a service
  • Audi Service Posters

    Development of a graphic and communication concept to communicate after-sales values, to maintain and improve customer…
  • Editorial design. Calendar

    Creation, design and layout of the new 2015 corporate calendar for Mercabarna
  • Restyling. Branding. Fashion
    Antigua Casa Balleste

    Restyling of typographic logo, updating it to rejuvenate the brand. Application of the new image in…
  • Communication campaigns. Marketing

    At Mediactiu we care about the small details and we know that...
  • Stand. Roll up. Marketing. Tegasa
    Tegasa - Técnica Ganadera

    Creation and design of the graphics for a customized modular stand with a canvas
  • Web design. Graphic design. Foodtrends

    Development of website
  • Product photography
    Mas Gourmets

    Planning, organizing and conducting photographic sessions of food. Strategic searching of props and set to create…
  • Web dessign

    Global project for the creation of a website. Analysis of customer’s needs, design of website’s structure…
  • Packaging

    Design and creation of packaging for chocolate silicone molds..
  • Comercial communication
    Muebles Rojas

    Commercial and corporate communication to promote products..
  • Branding. Packaging. Editorial desing. Web design. Naturfruit

    Design of a new brand that represents a whole new range of products to be implemented…
  • Video. Merry Christmas 2015

    Creation of the communication strategy for the holiday season. Development of the storyboard, different sequences, animations…
  • Branding. Web design. Signage. Merchandising
    CrossFit Diagonal

    Global communication project. Development of the initial approach to marketing and communications strategy
  • Corporate video. Christmas season. Abrasives

    Realization of corporate video to celebrate Christmas season. Analysis and concept creation for video, directly linked…
  • Road Show – Experience Efficiency Schneider Electric
    Schneider Electric

    Development of concept for the event, creativity and applications for the creation of: interactive presentations for…
  • Stands. Events. Graphic design. Howden

    Development of communication strategy for events
  • Promotional products. Marketing

    Graphic design actions aimed at creating a promotional corporate folder belonging to Vitex-high-tech abrasive.
  • Branding. Stationery. Services sector

    Branding based on the Tangram, it represents the diversity of solutions of the company which adapt…
  • Branding. Feed sector

    Typographic branding which includes a small heart hidden in the calligraphy, alluding to its italian name.…
  • Restyling. Branding. Services

    Restyling of branding and logo evolutions for different product categories of the brand. In its different…
  • Branding. Graphic design. Wines
    Bodegas Puiggros

    The double G is the uniqueness in this name which we highlight as a trademark. It…
  • Restyling. Branding. Go

    Restyling of the branding by applying volume and tilting the logo to make it more dynamic…
  • Branding. Feed sector. Agrobotiga
    La moreneta

    A branding with a gestural typography that conveys the traditional and natural values of the product.…
  • Branding. Graphic design. Numismatic

    The particularity of this branding focuses on the double m, represented with a typographic game where…
  • Restyling. Branding. Services

    A mixture of graphic elements makes us discover a letter G, creating the logo. A small…
  • Sales point. Promotional campaign
    Tag Heuer

    Creating visual communication strategy for the promotion of a new model of Tag Heuer. photo retouching…
  • Sales point. Trade Marketing

    Creativity and graphic design for sales points, adjusted to briefing delivered by the company. Development and strategy, from concept…
  • Product catalog for horeca sector

    Design and development of an 88 page catalog. Realization of all the product images, creation of…