• Promotional campaign banners

    Development of web banners for different types of promotional campaigns in online portals and websites.
  • Lettering and promotional sticker design
    bcool Hostels

    Creation of a promotional element for the bcool hostels chain. Development of concept, communication and lettering…
  • Decorative illustration
    Hoteles Catalonia

    Development of illustrations of the Barcelona skyline to decorate the Hall of a hotel in Barcelona…
  • Photo shooting for hotels
    Hoteles Catalonia

    Realization of photographic session of different hotel spaces, to present the different types of rooms, toilets,…
  • Ceramic Product Packaging

    For the creation of the packaging, it was decided to enhance the product by means of…
  • Branding design for a restaurant in Barcelona

    Due to the positioning of the restaurant, it was necessary to create an elegant typographic logo.
  • Branding for Panoramico

    Branding para un nuevo restaurante de la población Malagueña de Ronda...
  • Creation and rendering of oil holders

    Creation and 3D renders of the oil holders of 2 and 4 pieces for Supreminox. We…
  • Branding
    Hoteles Catalonia

    clean and minimal style. In line with harmony and simplicity...
  • Photoshoot session for catalog

    Photoshoot session for the realization of environment photographs with product for commercial catalog
  • Kitchenware photography session

    Photographic session to present professional kitchen products. Search for the location and selection of the props…
  • Editorial design. Catalog

    Editorial design for the new catalog. Creation of style, structure, font selection, prioritization of products and…
  • Iconic branding for restaurant
    Hoteles Catalonia

    Attending a short and concise briefing, in which the image of a paella was requested, the…
  • Branding. Restaurant
    Hoteles Catalonia

    Branding for eboca, the new group of restaurants of Hoteles Catalonia
  • Restyling. Branding. Services

    Restyling of branding and logo evolutions for different product categories of the brand. In its different…