• New Project

    Technical product catalog 

    Europerfil is a specialist company in metallic and insulating enclosures, develops and manufactures a wide range…
  • Creation of promotional videos

    Promotional campaign for the presentation of Webatt's intelligent accumulation solutions for photovoltaic self-consumption. Creation of creative…
  • New Project

    Industrial product launching campaign

    Creation of a campaign to launch a new line of Interflex industrial HR products.
  • New Project

    Landing page design

    Commercial business concept creation, style creation, web design and programming of the O3Fluid presentation landing page.
  • New Project

    Website design and programming

    Creation of a responsive website for the company Construverti, which is part of a renaming /…
  • New Project

    Packaging design for retail
    Schneider Electric

    In order to show and maximize Schneider Electric's new product offer for sale in retail and…
  • New Project

    Corporate image restyling

    Restyling of the brand of the Eco-Efficient company. From briefing and analysis of the sector, the…
  • New Project

    Corporate sales folder design

    Within the project of creation of branding for Novobox, company specialized in the manufacture of packaging.…
  • New Project

    Banner design for online communication
    Schneider Electric

    Compilation of some corporate, promotional and product banners designed for Schneider Electric. Made in different formats…
  • New Project

    Creation of product catalog

    Creation of graphic and communicational style of the real estate products catalog of the construction company…
  • New Project

    Branding design

    Branding design for manufacturer of ozone machines O3Fluid. Concept development, establishment of values ​​to position the…
  • New Project

    Promotional packaging design
    Schneider Electric

    Development of graphic communication for promotional packagings of different Schneider Electric product combinations for retail.
  • Promotional campaign design

    Development of a promotional campaign to launch a new product from Elecon, a manufacturer of special…
  • Website design

    Cajaislant's website design based on the redesign of the brand, analyzing the competition and the needs…
  • Design of prommotional posters
    Schneider Electric

    Compilation of promotional posters for Schneider Electric. We present a series of posters of different sizes…
  • Rebranding for construction company

    Development of consulting for the improvement of the commercial and ultimately business positioning of the construction…
  • Electrical material packaging
    Schneider Electric

    Packaging design for electrical equipment, destined for the sale in lines of DIY centers and large…
  • Logo restyling

    Branding restyling for Elecon, a company that manufactures conductive cables for industrial applications. Evolution of typographic…
  • Analysis, consulting, communication style and web design

    The web creation for the Webatt energy company is part of a global project to improve…
  • Photo session for business

    Displacement of a creative and a photographer from our studio to analyze needs with our client.…
  • Direction, design and event production
    Schneider Electric

    Analysis and development of the strategy, actions and communication elements for the Innovation Summit pre-event held…
  • Office communication
    Schneider Electric

    Action to reinforce the brand value of the new offices of Schneider Electric in Molins de…
  • Catalog design

    Extraction, revision and realization of new contents for the creation of a restiling of the general…
  • Brand design

    Restyling of the Cajaislant company branding. Analysis and design of branding, based on the parameters established…
  • Retail packaging
    Schneider Electric

    Creation of retail packaging, aimed at linear and corners of commercial sections, DIY shopping centers and…
  • Photoshoot of industrial technology

    Product photography for Monocrom, the world's leading company in diode laser solutions and laser application services…
  • Catalog layout and design
    Schneider Electric

    Catalog "Solutions for your home" of Schneider Electric. Design and layout of the catalog of 268…
  • Photography of exhibition products

    Photo session of exhibition products for jewelery, boxes, exhibitors, different types of finishes and materials.
  • Corporate elements for Heco
    Heco Schrauben Iberica

    Realization of corporate elements to achieve brand presence at the Egurtek fair, International Architecture and Wood…
  • Stand for animal feed products fair

    Creation of the Tegasa stand for the VIV ASIA BANGKOK fair. Stand consists of stand heads,…
  • Stand design for fair

    Stand design for the Advanced Factories fair in Barcelona, ​​for the company Sick, manufacturer of industrial…
  • Industrial product presentation video

    Development of a product video for the industrial sector. Creation through modeling of products, animated video…
  • Industrial Product Presentation Video
    Schneider Electric

    Creation and development of the storyboard and graphic style of the video in which we organized…
  • Campaign for retail stores

    Creation of a commercial action for the company Gedasa, manufacturers of door fittings, locks, brakes, ...…
  • Creation of a blog type website
    VSM Abrasives

    VSM abrasives is a German multinational abrasive manufacturer. Due to its advanced technology and high quality…
  • Industrial Product Video
    Schneider Electric

    Development of a product video for the industrial sector in which contents of videos, photographs and…
  • Promotional campaign banners

    Development of web banners for different types of promotional campaigns in online portals and websites.
  • Tutorial Video for an APP of a product for Schneider Electric
    Schneider Electric

    Development of a tutorial video for showing a product configuration through a Schneider Electric APP. Storyboard…
  • Sample book with physical technological product
    Fractus Antennas

    Creation of a real product display catalog, for an engineering and antenna manufacturing company who create…
  • EPI product catalog
    Maquinaria Herraiz

    Creation of style, layout and production of a product catalog for the company Maquinaria Herraiz. The…
  • Graphic communication for EMEA Canalys 2018 event
    Schneider Electric

    Development of creativity, concept, communication, graphic design and production of the different communication elements and merchandising…
  • Video demonstration and product installation 
    Schneider Electric

    Development, production, direction, filming and postproduction of a presentation video of a radio frequency product for…
  • Video for institutional event

    Creation of an animated 2D video for the presentation and commemoration of the 40th anniversary of…
  • Graphic design of commercial diptych
    Webatt Energy

    Creativity, definition of graphic style, content treatment and graphic design to present Webatt and its offer…
  • Technical product catalog design

    Global development of editorial project, from the creation of the graphic style, to the production of…
  • Video of the installation of an industrial product
    Schneider Electric

    Realization of video for product presentation and installation. Global development of multimedia project, from the presentation…
  • Label design and product photography

    Photo session of chemical product with white background for online and offline use. Photographs of three…
  • Stand design for Alimentaria fair

    Stand design for the food fair, within a space of 150m2 divided into 5 areas: product…
  • Product development in 3D

    Development and rendering of 9 3D images of metallic profiles. The finishes had to be consistent…
  • 3D animation video of product
    Zodiac Pool Ibérica

    Development of product video of 1:25 minutes in 2 languages. The product is presented through the…
  • Labeling of corporate vehicles

    Creative and graphic development for labeling the fleet of vans of the company's installers. Graphics of great…
  • 3D animation video of industrial product

    Creation of a video for an industrial product by means of 3D rendering. The objective of…
  • Internal Communication (Human Resources)
    Schneider Electric

    Development of all of the necessary different elements for the creation of an internal training tool. Through…
  • Creation of 3D product video and applications

    Realization of product renders: fire and smoke curtains, and creation of virtual scenarios: airport, warehouse, museum…
  • Product display
    Schneider Electric

    Design, creativity and treatment of images and contents for product display with communication. Creation of this typology…
  • Product technical photographs
    Schneider Electric

    Session of photos of a product and its way of use, elaboration of sketches to present…
  • Creation of product catalogs

    Development of catalogs, price lists and promotional catalogs for the American multinational company Welbilt, manufacturer of…
  • Industrial photography for VSM

    Planning and development of a photo shooting session of abrasive products. Realization of photographs of individual product…
  • Design and photography for sales point display
    Schneider Electric

    Analysis and development of solution for large retail areas. Creation of product display for Schneider Electric.…
  • 3D animation of industrial product
    Schneider Electric

    Planning of project, storyboard, and development of a product video in which the individual pieces of…
  • Corporate presentation industrial video
    Schneider Electric

    Realization of a video of 6 minutes length. Project made entirely by Mediactiu, from analysis and…
  • 3D animation design
    Schneider Electric

    Realization of a 3D animation with transparent background to add on the final video.
  • Illustration of industrial product and spaces
    Schneider Electric

    Creation of different illustrations from images selected by the client. The images will appear on a…
  • Corporate photography for website
    Turco Iberia

    Corporate photo shooting to present a company. Realization of a corporate photo session for Turco Iberia.…
  • 3D rendering
    Schneider Electric

    Creation of 3D Renders of 3 product ranges for the realization of a corporate video. Planning, development…
  • Development of packaging for animal feed

    Analysis, development and consulting for the realization of the new packaging for Tegasa, they had 9…
  • Photo shooting for industrial product
    Schneider Electric

    Direction of a photographic shooting for individual and several products together. To show the functionality of…
  • Mat Congress Stand Design
    Schneider Electric

    Design of a corporate stand for Schneider Electric. Design of the walls for the stand, giving…
  • Catalog design for industrial sector
    Schneider Electric

    Design and layout of a product catalog for Schneider Electric installers. The catalog in DinA5 format (closed)…
  • Fair events for Welbilt

    Development of online and printed communications to invite and communicate to different events and fairs the…
  • Newsletter, online communication element

    The newsletter is a direct and selective communication tool towards a specific target, to which we…
  • Packanging design with dual functionality

    Development of a very versatile packaging, which is adapted as an exhibitor for the product at…
  • Sales Folder for STE

    Based on the needs of the client, this commercial tool is developed. The product offer is…
  • 2D animated video

    Creation of a 2D animated corporate video of 3:04 minutes of duration.
  • Design of promotional posters
    Schneider Electric

    Collection of promotional posters for the Schneider Electric. We present a series of posters of different sizes…
  • Design and layout of a brochure. Sales Argumentary
    Schneider Electric

    Commercial document in a catalog format (closed Din-A4) of 12 pages in which based on the guide…
  • Branding design for a business unit
    Schneider Electric

    In order to boost a business offer we established a branding that will help capitalize the…
  • Branding design to certify knowledge
    Schneider Electric

    As part of a push pull marketing strategy, we had to design a new logo for…
  • Web design for the industrial sector
    KCR technology

    With a complex branding, we have made the design and programming of this website for the…
  • Photographs of industrial products
    Schneider Electric

    Product images with white background, photo shoot in studio to be able to have an even…
  • 3D video production for Intisi

    Analysis of needs, customer product study and development of planning and Story board for a video…
  • Intisi Stand Creation

    Stand design for international fair
  • Video. Animation. Illustration Homeskin Project

    Presentation and promotion of the project “Home Skin” founded by the Horizon 2020 program financed by…
  • Exhibitor. 3D. Event
    Schneider Electric

    Creation of an exhibitor for Schneider Electric, for national events. It has different areas of communication, spaces for physical…
  • Product catalog of the industrial sector

    Creation of the new catalog for the German multinational VSM, the style is updated to the…
  • Audi Service Catalog

    Development of graphic and communication concept for the creation of training material for after-sales employees, to…
  • Web design. Responsive. Usability
    Turco Española S.A.

    Project for restyling a website and updating its image. Usability analysis to provide this website with new features and…
  • Intisi Catalog Design

    Analysis of graphical antecedents, to be able to realize an improved product catalog by means of…
  • Commercial communication elements

    Strategy, creativity, graphic design and production of support materials for commercial departments.
  • Communication and business strategy
    Schneider Electric

    Creation of communication and image elements required by Schneider Electric to promote “EcoXpert network.” Global communication project with…
  • Branding. Corporate Stationery. Aeronautic
    Turco Spain

    Creation of the branding to differentiate themselves from the competition and become the benchmark for its…
  • Creation of 3D logo

    Creation of the HIMEL brand logo in volume. Development of 3D images to present the brand's…
  • Book. Editorial design

    Development of a global editorial project. Starting with the compilation and management of contents with client…
  • Restyling. Branding. Services

    Restyling of branding, based on a typographical evolution. Conveys values of professionalism, agility and closeness. The…
  • Schneider Electric product presentation event
    Schneider Electric

    Analysis, development, creation and production of the different spaces of the Showroom made for Schneider Electric.…
  • APP promotional exhibitor. Retail marketing
    Schneider Electric

    Concept and strategy development, creativity and graphic design for a promotional display for Schneider Electric solutions at stores. Design and production of…
  • Corporate video of results
    Schneider Electric

    Making of a 117 seconds video that shows the summary of the marketing action of the…
  • Automotive sector website

    Creation and development for a self-managed website. Realization of analysis, consulting and development prior to the…
  • Frying pan packaging

    An element developed to meet two needs of the packaging: to communicate (in different languages) benefits,…
  • Branding. Corporate identity. Stationery
    Turco Spain

    Analysis of brand needs, and development of the overall project
  • Video. 50 anniversary. Christmas

    Development of the communication strategy to present the different projects of the company in a dynamic…
  • Service Box promotional campaign 
    Schneider Electric

    Development of an exhibitor for sales points that holds a pack with the promotion "Service Box"…
  • Restyling. Graphic design. Web design
    Schneider Electric

    Editorial redesign project focused on upgrading the graphical style of the 2015  Schneider Electric rate catalogs.…
  • Industrial product promotional video
    Schneider Electric

    Animated video with 2D illustrations, a product is presented through the animation of characters, also infographics…
  • Direct Marketing. Packaging
    Schneider Electic

    Packaging design project and development of the strategic plan of direct marketing to publicize a service
  • Audi Service Posters

    Development of a graphic and communication concept to communicate after-sales values, to maintain and improve customer…
  • Stand. Roll up. Marketing. Tegasa
    Tegasa - Técnica Ganadera

    Creation and design of the graphics for a customized modular stand with a canvas
  • Web dessign

    Global project for the creation of a website. Analysis of customer’s needs, design of website’s structure…
  • Packaging

    Design and creation of packaging for chocolate silicone molds..
  • Comercial communication
    Muebles Rojas

    Commercial and corporate communication to promote products..
  • Corporate video. Christmas season. Abrasives

    Realization of corporate video to celebrate Christmas season. Analysis and concept creation for video, directly linked…
  • Road Show – Experience Efficiency Schneider Electric
    Schneider Electric

    Development of concept for the event, creativity and applications for the creation of: interactive presentations for…
  • Branding. Stationery. Services sector

    Branding based on the Tangram, it represents the diversity of solutions of the company which adapt…
  • Restyling. Branding. Services

    A mixture of graphic elements makes us discover a letter G, creating the logo. A small…