• New Project

    Packaging design for retail
    Schneider Electric

    In order to show and maximize Schneider Electric's new product offer for sale in retail and…
  • New Project

    Promotional packaging design
    Schneider Electric

    Development of graphic communication for promotional packagings of different Schneider Electric product combinations for retail.
  • Electrical material packaging
    Schneider Electric

    Packaging design for electrical equipment, destined for the sale in lines of DIY centers and large…
  • Retail packaging
    Schneider Electric

    Creation of retail packaging, aimed at linear and corners of commercial sections, DIY shopping centers and…
  • Vinegar packaging design
    Mas Gourmets

    Creation of a label in 3 languages ​​following the new graphic style of the brand.
  • Creation of packaging for coffee and cocoa

    Packaging design of Nespresso and Dolce Gusto type coffee capsules and bagger packs for chocolate and…
  • Sample book with physical technological product
    Fractus Antennas

    Creation of a real product display catalog, for an engineering and antenna manufacturing company who create…
  • Professional kitchen packaging design

    The sophistication and quality of the product requires the development of a case-type packaging with transparent…
  • Label design and product photography

    Photo session of chemical product with white background for online and offline use. Photographs of three…
  • Internal Communication (Human Resources)
    Schneider Electric

    Development of all of the necessary different elements for the creation of an internal training tool. Through…
  • Sausages Packaging Design
    Mas Gourmets

    Design of food packaging for sausages and cheeses for Mas Gourmets. Analysis of needs and costs. Development…
  • Illustration of industrial product and spaces
    Schneider Electric

    Creation of different illustrations from images selected by the client. The images will appear on a…
  • Development of packaging for animal feed

    Analysis, development and consulting for the realization of the new packaging for Tegasa, they had 9…
  • Packanging design with dual functionality

    Development of a very versatile packaging, which is adapted as an exhibitor for the product at…
  • Ceramic Product Packaging

    For the creation of the packaging, it was decided to enhance the product by means of…
  • Packaging. Branding
    Can Pork

    Brand architecture development, creation of image and packaging for new products of the brand Can Pork
  • APP promotional exhibitor. Retail marketing
    Schneider Electric

    Concept and strategy development, creativity and graphic design for a promotional display for Schneider Electric solutions at stores. Design and production of…
  • Frying pan packaging

    An element developed to meet two needs of the packaging: to communicate (in different languages) benefits,…
  • Direct Marketing. Packaging
    Schneider Electic

    Packaging design project and development of the strategic plan of direct marketing to publicize a service
  • Packaging

    Design and creation of packaging for chocolate silicone molds..
  • Branding. Packaging. Editorial desing. Web design. Naturfruit

    Design of a new brand that represents a whole new range of products to be implemented…
  • Restyling. Branding. Go

    Restyling of the branding by applying volume and tilting the logo to make it more dynamic…