pdv/trade marketing

  • Industrial product launching campaign

    Creation of a campaign to launch a new line of Interflex industrial HR products.
  • Corporate sales folder design

    Within the project of creation of branding for Novobox, company specialized in the manufacture of packaging.…
  • Video and communication for event

    Direction, production, shooting and video post-production for the event that Pegasus organized in Berlin, which brought…
  • Commercial display design

    Commercial display design to emphasize the special characteristics of a textile product produced with bamboo fibers.
  • Promotional packaging design
    Schneider Electric

    Development of graphic communication for promotional packagings of different Schneider Electric product combinations for retail.
  • Communication campaign

    Development of different types of elements for commercial communication of the Webatt offer in different channels.
  • Creation of Kimaldi’s fair stand

    Graphic design for graphic and communicational elements for the Kimaldi stand at the SICUR 2020 fair…
  • Loyalty campaign catalogs

    To carry out a loyalty campaign by points, different communication elements were designed and created. Among…
  • Design of prommotional posters
    Schneider Electric

    Compilation of promotional posters for Schneider Electric. We present a series of posters of different sizes…
  • Stand design for fair
    Intemo Technologies

    Corporate stand design for the SICUR fair in Madrid. Corner stand with distribution of space divided…
  • Direction, design and event production
    Schneider Electric

    Analysis and development of the strategy, actions and communication elements for the Innovation Summit pre-event held…
  • Institutional communication
    Italian Trade Agency

    Project management and production of ITA corporate elements for the ITMA 2019 fair, international exhibition of…
  • McDonald’s calendar design
    Fundación Ronald McDonald

    Design of the solidarity calendar 2020, in Din-A3 format. Creativity and style development to cover pages…
  • Event design and production

    Realization of the different communication elements to reinforce the commercial action and image of Kimaldi in…
  • Strategy and creativity for retail of sports equipment

    Development of communication concepts to position and increase visibility, for the Merrell sports shoe brand and…
  • Corporate elements for Heco
    Heco Schrauben Iberica

    Realization of corporate elements to achieve brand presence at the Egurtek fair, International Architecture and Wood…
  • Creation of the shopwindows for sports shoes

    Design and production of product showcases for the sports shoe brand Merrell. Analysis of environment and…
  • Campaign for retail stores

    Creation of a commercial action for the company Gedasa, manufacturers of door fittings, locks, brakes, ...…
  • Sortefront displays for Merrell

    Showcase design for the Merrell brand for Wala and Intersport stores. The project includes from the…
  • Sample book with physical technological product
    Fractus Antennas

    Creation of a real product display catalog, for an engineering and antenna manufacturing company who create…
  • Graphic communication for EMEA Canalys 2018 event
    Schneider Electric

    Development of creativity, concept, communication, graphic design and production of the different communication elements and merchandising…
  • Brand restyling = communication restyling
    Mas Gourmets

    For a brand restyling to have consistency and achieve the expected projection, an update must also…
  • Promotional material for industrial sector of catering equipment 

    Design of promotional material for the brand of professional appliances Welbilt. Development of commercial elements for…
  • Elements of commercial communication for fairs

    Global project of graphic design, industrial design, image, printing, signage and production of a modular product…
  • Design and photography for sales point display
    Schneider Electric

    Analysis and development of solution for large retail areas. Creation of product display for Schneider Electric.…
  • Creation of a Stand for Tegasa

    Analysis and design of the stand for the Agragex fair in Bilbao. Modular stand development consisting…
  • Fair events for Welbilt

    Development of online and printed communications to invite and communicate to different events and fairs the…
  • Design of promotional posters
    Schneider Electric

    Collection of promotional posters for the Schneider Electric. We present a series of posters of different sizes…
  • Branding application in real estate offices
    SOM Experiència Immobiliària

    Offices of the real estate company "SOM Experiència Immobiliaria" in which according to the brand strategy…
  • Sales folder for FontVella
    Font Vella

    Creation of the corporate element for the launching campaign of the new Font Vella bottles.
  • Schneider Electric product presentation event
    Schneider Electric

    Analysis, development, creation and production of the different spaces of the Showroom made for Schneider Electric.…
  • APP promotional exhibitor. Retail marketing
    Schneider Electric

    Concept and strategy development, creativity and graphic design for a promotional display for Schneider Electric solutions at stores. Design and production of…
  • Road Show – Experience Efficiency Schneider Electric
    Schneider Electric

    Development of concept for the event, creativity and applications for the creation of: interactive presentations for…
  • Sales point. Promotional campaign
    Tag Heuer

    Creating visual communication strategy for the promotion of a new model of Tag Heuer. photo retouching…
  • Sales point. Trade Marketing

    Creativity and graphic design for sales points, adjusted to briefing delivered by the company. Development and strategy, from concept…