• Photo session for business

    Displacement of a creative and a photographer from our studio to analyze needs with our client.…
  • Appliance photo session

    Planning and realization of a photo session for 4 large Liheberr products.
  • Office communication
    Schneider Electric

    Action to reinforce the brand value of the new offices of Schneider Electric in Molins de…
  • Photoshoot of industrial technology

    Product photography for Monocrom, the world's leading company in diode laser solutions and laser application services…
  • Photography of exhibition products

    Photo session of exhibition products for jewelery, boxes, exhibitors, different types of finishes and materials.
  • Photo session for Dental Clinic in Barcelona
    Clínica Dr. Pi

    Realization of photo session of the Dr Pi Dental Clinic. Planning and analysis of frames of…
  • Label design and product photography

    Photo session of chemical product with white background for online and offline use. Photographs of three…
  • Product technical photographs
    Schneider Electric

    Session of photos of a product and its way of use, elaboration of sketches to present…
  • Household appliance photography session

    Realization of photographic sessions in different locations. Sessions aimed at showing the products of Miele, manufacturer…
  • Industrial photography for VSM

    Planning and development of a photo shooting session of abrasive products. Realization of photographs of individual product…
  • Design and photography for sales point display
    Schneider Electric

    Analysis and development of solution for large retail areas. Creation of product display for Schneider Electric.…
  • Product photography for e-commerce
    Calzados Noel

    Product photo shoot and subsequent color retouching of more than 640 products for an e-commerce website,…
  • Corporate photography for website
    Turco Iberia

    Corporate photo shooting to present a company. Realization of a corporate photo session for Turco Iberia.…
  • Photo shooting for textile / fashion sector
    Antigua Casa Balleste

    Planning of a photo shooting for Antigua Casa Balleste. Realization of a total of 35 images,…
  • Photo shooting for hotels
    Hoteles Catalonia

    Realization of photographic session of different hotel spaces, to present the different types of rooms, toilets,…
  • Photo shooting for industrial product
    Schneider Electric

    Direction of a photographic shooting for individual and several products together. To show the functionality of…
  • Packanging design with dual functionality

    Development of a very versatile packaging, which is adapted as an exhibitor for the product at…
  • Photoshoot session
    La Marineta

    Analysis of needs, development and art direction of the photo shoot for Supreminox products.
  • Ceramic Product Packaging

    For the creation of the packaging, it was decided to enhance the product by means of…
  • Creation of graphic style for product catalog

    For the realization of this catalog, we have offered global services. Ranging from analysis and consultancy…
  • Photographs of industrial products
    Schneider Electric

    Product images with white background, photo shoot in studio to be able to have an even…
  • Photoshoot session for catalog

    Photoshoot session for the realization of environment photographs with product for commercial catalog
  • Kitchenware photography session

    Photographic session to present professional kitchen products. Search for the location and selection of the props…
  • Editorial design. Catalog

    Editorial design for the new catalog. Creation of style, structure, font selection, prioritization of products and…
  • Packaging. Branding
    Can Pork

    Brand architecture development, creation of image and packaging for new products of the brand Can Pork
  • Product photography
    Mas Gourmets

    Planning, organizing and conducting photographic sessions of food. Strategic searching of props and set to create…