• New Project

    Creation of promotional videos

    Promotional campaign for the presentation of Webatt's intelligent accumulation solutions for photovoltaic self-consumption. Creation of creative…
  • Product video creation

    Creation of a product video for the new Zodiac Pool Cleaner Robot. Search for location for…
  • Creation of a promotional video
    MC Mutual

    Creation of a promotional video of MC Mutual services. In which an application for HR is…
  • Video and communication for event

    Direction, production, shooting and video post-production for the event that Pegasus organized in Berlin, which brought…
  • Service presentation video
    MC Mutual

    Presentation of a new Mutual MC service, to measure temporary disability at work.
  • Realization of Corporate video

    Making of corporate video for Tegasa, manufacturer of animal feed. The video lasts 55 seconds in…
  • Promotional video for an event of the dental sector
    Dentsply Sirona

    Production of the promotional video for the Dentsply Sirona World event, an international event for the…
  • Industrial product presentation video

    Development of a product video for the industrial sector. Creation through modeling of products, animated video…
  • Industrial Product Presentation Video
    Schneider Electric

    Creation and development of the storyboard and graphic style of the video in which we organized…
  • Industrial Product Video
    Schneider Electric

    Development of a product video for the industrial sector in which contents of videos, photographs and…
  • Promotional video for Dentsply Sirona Event
    Dentsply Sirona

    Realization of a teaser video of 30 seconds, to promote an event at an international level.
  • Tutorial Video for an APP of a product for Schneider Electric
    Schneider Electric

    Development of a tutorial video for showing a product configuration through a Schneider Electric APP. Storyboard…
  • Corporate Christmas Spot
    Dentsply Sirona

    Realization of corporate Christmas video for Dentsply Sirona, with a solidarity message to raise funds for…
  • Testimonial Video Fundación Corachan
    Fundació Corachan

    Filming of a testimonial video of 2.30 minutes, recorded in a continuous take with a light…
  • Teaser video for textile sector

    Planning and development of a 25 seconds promotional teaser video to present the web of a…
  • Video demonstration and product installation 
    Schneider Electric

    Development, production, direction, filming and postproduction of a presentation video of a radio frequency product for…
  • Video for institutional event

    Creation of an animated 2D video for the presentation and commemoration of the 40th anniversary of…
  • Video of the installation of an industrial product
    Schneider Electric

    Realization of video for product presentation and installation. Global development of multimedia project, from the presentation…
  • 3D animation video of product
    Zodiac Pool Ibérica

    Development of product video of 1:25 minutes in 2 languages. The product is presented through the…
  • 3D animation video of industrial product

    Creation of a video for an industrial product by means of 3D rendering. The objective of…
  • Creation of 3D product video and applications

    Realization of product renders: fire and smoke curtains, and creation of virtual scenarios: airport, warehouse, museum…
  • Product video development

    Analysis of project’s needs, briefing and development of storyboards. Design of static and animated 3D renders in…
  • Presentation video of Extra Virgin Olive Oils EDO
    EDO Olive Oil

    Realization of a presentation video of a premium food product of 1:48 minutes of duration. Analysis of…
  • 3D animation of industrial product
    Schneider Electric

    Planning of project, storyboard, and development of a product video in which the individual pieces of…
  • Corporate presentation industrial video
    Schneider Electric

    Realization of a video of 6 minutes length. Project made entirely by Mediactiu, from analysis and…
  • 3D animation design
    Schneider Electric

    Realization of a 3D animation with transparent background to add on the final video.
  • Reel of different types of video

    Selection of some of the videos that have been made in mediactiu over the years. We…
  • 2D animated video

    Creation of a 2D animated corporate video of 3:04 minutes of duration.
  • 3D video production for Intisi

    Analysis of needs, customer product study and development of planning and Story board for a video…
  • Video. Animation. Illustration Homeskin Project

    Presentation and promotion of the project “Home Skin” founded by the Horizon 2020 program financed by…
  • Corporate video of results
    Schneider Electric

    Making of a 117 seconds video that shows the summary of the marketing action of the…
  • Video. Christmas season

    Creation a corporate video with sparks coming out of a sander, it strengths the product and…
  • Video. 50 anniversary. Christmas

    Development of the communication strategy to present the different projects of the company in a dynamic…
  • Industrial product promotional video
    Schneider Electric

    Animated video with 2D illustrations, a product is presented through the animation of characters, also infographics…
  • Video. Merry Christmas 2015

    Creation of the communication strategy for the holiday season. Development of the storyboard, different sequences, animations…
  • Corporate video. Christmas season. Abrasives

    Realization of corporate video to celebrate Christmas season. Analysis and concept creation for video, directly linked…