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2D and 3D Animation:

The 2D and 3D animation is a process by which the sensation of motion of pictures, drawings or inanimate objects is created. There are a variety of techniques to create animations, techniques like traditional cartoons, stopmotion, rotoscoping, and pixilation, going from the most artistic to the most modern and up to date computer techniques.

A 2D animation as indicated, is flat, it is based on the creation of figures moving in two dimensions: length and height, while a 3D animation brings depth, giving a more realistic look to the animation.

Animation is a resource (sometimes only one) that facilitates the understanding of technical processes, either for industrial sectors such as electricity or mechanic industry sector and the sector of pharmaceutical or cosmetic dermatology. It also offers very interesting solutions for communication and marketing intended to get an easy and friendly way to approach your target audience.

The graphic design and web design studio Mediactiu, offers tailored solutions to the needs of businesses that need to create 2D and 3D animations.

Mediactiu covers all aspects of design projects, from consulting in communication, strategic development, creativity, illustration, rendering, and everything you need to get the best result in each project. At our graphic design and web design stuido, we also offers solutions adapted to mobile and web technology, applications for Smartphones and tablets, community manager services, shares of e-marketing, positioning SEO and Adwords, catalogue design, branding design, packaging … we work for companies and organizations like laboratories, industry, food industry, hospitality industry, confectionery industry, power sector, promotional gift industry, public sector, catering industry …