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mediactiu 3d renders - 3D rendersCreating 3D renders is the process of generating a virtual image through simulation of an object or environment in 3 dimensions based on a model or idea. The term 3D rendering is widely used by graphic designers, industrials designers, animators, producers and technical industry audiovisuals.

Usually, a render is developed in order to simulate in a realistic way a space or a product that is often nonexistent. The rendering engines of computers and specific software like 3D Studio MAX, Cinema 4D, Blender, Maya … are programs capable of performing complex radiosity techniques, texturing, reflections and global illumination, etc… to get results able to confuse the human eye, showing an image that might seem a photograph of a real object or environment. The result that provides a 3D render can be equated to virtual models used to present products to potential buyers. Renders help us present our products with both, realism and credibility. Some examples of common uses of 3D renders are appartments, effects of a cream or beauty products on the skin, to explain how a machine works, industrial design of a new device, etc…

Also in the field of product design, packaging and retail, 3D renders are often used to simulate products not yet produced but with the need to start promoting them. And for its promotion, a realistic image like a 3D render is needed before it is released.

The graphic design and web design studio Mediactiu, offers tailored solutions for companies that need 3D renders. At Mediactiu we cover all aspects of our projects, from the creation of the idea, assesment, illustration, interpretation of drawings, modeling, project implementation and delivery of finished and realistic images based on 3D renders.

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