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Actions and communication campaigns management

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Marketing actions can be described as events and communication elements.

A good management of communication actions and campaigns is based on the correct interpretation and analysis of the actions and communication plan that has been done in order to achieve goals. This requires a deep knowlege of the Brand, its values and its products or services, their strengths and weaknesses, market target and competition.

Each of the marketing and communication actions must be supported by a communications strategy, message and the right channel to reach the target to which it is addressed, (social networks, microsites, email or postal mail, POS, trade press …).

Valuing execution times, investment and results watching the ROI (return on investment) we can analyze the effectiveness of each campaign, optimize it and even redirect it if necessary.

At our graphic design and web design studio Mediactiu, we make each Brand unique and this entails not only the correct creation of communication but also in making the proper management of any launching of a brand, product or service. Also for those brands and companies who want to expand horizons or upgrade their online strategy.

In addition, at Mediactiu we also offer advertising campaigns, graphic design solutions, branding design (design of naming, logo design, corporate manual creation) editorial design (focusing on the realization of books, magazines and catalogs, as well as annual reports, brochures, leaflets …) web design, packaging design, signage design, multimedia design, retail, online marketing (search engine SEO, online campaigns, social media campaign) …