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A blog can be defined as a digital notebook.It is a website whose main feature is to offer the possibility of an “open dialogue” on content that is updated regularly. A blog collects texts, pictures, articles of one or more authors organized chronologically, on the top it always appears the most recent entry. The theme of a blog is set to match the concerns and needs of its owner. One can find blogs for as many subjects as one can think of, blogs specialized in kitchen products, nautical, tips, blogs specifically dedicated to graphic design, web design, catalogs, etc. .

The author of a blog is responsible for its contents and is free to publish and attract readers and followers. Quality content, graphic design of a blog, feedback with followers are some of the factors which will bring a high level of traffic to your blog.

The value of a blog lies in two main aspects : generating traffic through the blog to promote the interest of potential advertisers who want to pay for appearing on the blog, and a website to support a strategy of organic or natural positioning also called SEO.

The graphic design and web design studio Mediactiu offers more than 13 years of experience in creating blogs for its clients, always adapting projects to specific customer needs. Mediactiu also offers services such as community management, e marketing campaigns, website design and positioning. Mediactiu develops strategies for each project in order to achieve the best results. Mediactiu, develops websites, mobile solutions and applications for Smartphones and tablets,multimedia design, creation and design of online marketing for pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and health industry, industrial sector, energy sector, food and beverage industry, confectionary industry, hotel and catering industry, tourism, industry institutions, advertising gifts…