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Branding is the English term that has been attributed to the creation of the image of companies and products. Branding concept is very broad, but in essence it can be understood as “the exercise of establishing our difference over the rest of the offer“. The realization of a good Branding must be aligned to a business strategy, it must report character and highlight the values, philosophy and brand services.

The Branding is basically formed by:

– The creation of a name. That is why it is called Naming.

– The creative and graphic development of the symbol or logo (symbol is the graphic element that represents the brand. When the symbol and naming are put together, it is called logo).

Once we have created the branding, we create communication elements that identify the brand, such as stationery, advertisements, banners, corporate website, microsites, digital signature, e-mailing, digital presentations, catalogs, leaflets, posters, packaging …

But branding goes further and it can also receive the term: “360 degree branding” which refers to the application of the graphic to physical spaces such as offices, shops, buildings, vehicles, work uniforms. And even to the attitude, language, smells, music style, etc...

For the proper management of corporate and product branding is recommended to develop a style manual which sets out clearly the applications that the corporate or product image can take without being derailed. Proper implementation reports value and better recognition from users on the branding.

To develop a branding project, the graphic and web desigh Studio Mediactiu studies the company, product or service on which to perform the branding. Its philosophy and business strategy, its strengths and weaknesses as well as its target. The outcome of this analysis and other processes, establishes the values and particular needs.

Other related projects that can be offered by the Graphic and web design Studio Mediactiu are: corporate identity design, creation of naming and logo restyling. Besides, our design studio also offers advertising solutions related to graphic design, editorial design. Focusing on the realization of books, magazine and catalog design; web design, packaging design, signage design, multimedia design, retail, online marketing (search engine SEO, online campaigns, social media campaigns, etc.)