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Communication Strategy

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Strategic processes help us mark starting points and criteria for deciding the approach we want to give a communication plan of a company.

However, in order to create a communication strategy the first step is to define the message you want to convey when you have clearly defined who we are, what we offer and how we want to be seen.

A communication strategy is used to improve internal and external communication of a company with our customers, employees, suppliers and competitors. The ultimate goal of a communication strategy is to gain visibility, it is essential to identify stakeholders, through the most appropriate channels, with messages and graphic communication codes and appropriate vocabulary in order for the message to be clear and effective for the target audience .

In the graphic design and web design studio mediactiu, we always look out for a comprehensive communication strategy where the analytical part, communication, creativity and graphic design process are added in order to facilitate the integration of the different elements that form the communication campaign of a company, product or service and get a better result.