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The creation of the corporate identity is the evolution of graphic concepts created in Branding. The accurate use of these elements is necessary for the creation of the the visual identity of the brand.

The corporate identity of a business, product or service becomes tangible and real when it is applied to diverse elements such as stationery, advertisements, banners, corporate website, microsites, digital signature, e-mailing, digital presentations, corporate or product catalog, leaflets, posters, packaging, so that the Brand can reach its target. The corporate identity must also be applied in physical spaces such as offices, shops, buildings, vehicles, work uniforms. And even to the attitude, language, smells, music style …

To develop a corporate identity Project, in the graphic design and web design studio Mediactiu, we study the company’s branding, as well as their philosophy and business strategy, its strengths and weaknesses and target. The outcome of this analysis establishes which values ​​should be highlighted. We synthesize all of this information in order to create the graphic elements that will help us communicate and transmit the values of the company, product or service.

Other related projects to corporate identity that can be offered by the Graphic and web design Studio Mediactiu are: branding, creation of naming and logo restyling. Besides, our design studio also offers advertising solutions related to graphic design, editorial design. Focusing on the realization of books, magazine and catalog design; web design, packaging design, signage design, multimedia design, retail, online marketing (search engine SEO, online campaigns, social media campaigns, etc.