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Corporate Video

A corporate video can be understood as an audiovisual presentation card of a company in order to transmit the values ​​of the company or brand. The main objective of the promotional video of a company is to show its philosophy, its activity, its competitive advantages, social engagement, etc. The applications of this type of videos are countless, they can be used for promoting the company, show non web sites, communication devices, diffusion brand fairs, media, etc..

A corporate video should convey the brand values ​​and adhere to corporate graphic style manuals (if any) or the graphic communication that has been used so far by the company. All this in order to maintain a clear graphical relationship and reinforce the image of the company.

At the graphic design and web design studio Mediactiu, we understand corporate videos as an element that can adapt to any requirement and show anything that is proposed; facilities of the company, its staff, its products, its environment, its customers … all enhanced by graphics, computer graphics, 3D, diagrams, animations, voiceover and musical harmony to reinforce the message and essence of the brand / company.

A corporate video allows the company to be known beyond physical boundaries transmitting faithfully and in few seconds the values​​, philosophy, image and purposes (service, product …).

We share with you some links to videos made by us to the industrial sector, energy sector, food industry, gift item and promotional sector among others. And search our YouTube channel for more videos online.