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Campaigns for Companies

mediactiu campana articulo promocional empresa diseno - Campaigns for Companies

Campaigns for companies are like advertising campaigns or communication actions with one goal; to reinforce the positive image of a company (not a product or service of the company in this case). These campaigns serve to introduce or reinforce the corporate image and branding of the entities. This improves personal communication with customers, achieving greater customer loyalty and attract new customers.

These types of corporate communication activities require the correct choice of a distribution channel (through advertising), which suits the business / industry and their target audience. This is achieved by defining , along with our client, the goals we want to achieve with our corporate and branding campaign. It is important to analyze the different alternatives and competitive advantages offered by the company that will help us to promote it over the competition . After taking the decision on the communication strategy to use, it is very important to check that the campaign is effective enough with a pre-release, thus launching the campaign on company image and insurance bases before analysis.

The experience of our graphic design and corporate image studio Mediactiu for over 15 years in the development and creation of branding focuses on creating and developing ideas, making brand restylings, positioning for communication according to the philosophy , objectives and values ​​of each company. Our graphic design studio offers corporate communication and branding for all types of entities and companies, in sectors as diverse as pharmaceutical, laboratories , health sector, industrial sector, power sector, food and beverage industry, catering sector, hospitality industry, tourism industry, institutional sector, industry advertising and promotional gifts … among others.

Apart from creating Campaings for Companies, at our graphic desing and web design studio mediactiu, we designa all types of catalogues and brochures, we are specialized in graphic design for advertising, editorial design (focusing on the realization of books, magazines and catalogue design, annual reports, etc). We also offer other services such as corporate identity design (naming, logo design, creation of manuals), web design, packaging design, typography design, signage design, design of actions and elements for point of sale, multimedia design, online marketing (SEO), online campaigns and social media campaigns.