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Counseling in retail

mediactiu retail - Counseling in retailRetail Includes businesses such as supermarkets, branded stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, banks and restaurants in some cases (we can name examples such as: McDonald’s, Pans & Company, Bocatta, Pizza Hut …). This term has a great relation with franchises, chain stores, and it is also refered to the e-commerce (online stores).

In a competitive business environment, the consumer is much more demanding. Not content with the simple act of making a purchase, seeks knowledge and emotional experiences that add value. This is the reason why we have to develop strategies for implementing purchasing models that offer the consumer what our competiton can not offer him. And at the same time achieve greater visibility and customer loyalty.

The graphic design and web design studio Mediactiu offers advice and retail tailored strategies to suit the specific needs and objectives of each project, covering solutions ranging from the creation of the action planning and communication, marketing, customer acquisition and retention , space management, graphic design, web design, events, development and production of communication elements. All this is focused on improving the consumer buying process and achieve sales targets and profitability of firms.

Our graphic design and web design studio has made ​​retail projects for companies of all types and sectors such as pharmaceutical, laboratory, industrial, electrical and electronic industries, food and beverage industry, confectionery sector, catering industry, hotels and tourism sector among others.