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Editorial design for commercial applications has developed a series of elements that have been recognized as a standard format, the most common are flyer, leaflet, pamphlet, brochure, catalog, annual reports, magazines and books.

The graphic design of this type of communication is related to the promotion of new products and services. They can also be informative, transmit corporate values, brands, etc. It is an essential element for all types of companies, brands, events, institutions, agencies or other bodies which require printed communication elements.

Obviously the amount of information and the target of this communication elements will determine the volume of content and format. This decision is key while choosing printing characteristics and finishes by the graphic designer or art director.

In the graphic design and web design studio Mediactiu, we analyze (before starting any project) the specific needs of each client and their product or service. Once the design of the catalog, brochure, or any other graphic element required, has been decided, we also guide you through the decisions of production and printing of your communication elements.

The production of printed communication can be developed with infinite combinations. This decision should be taken into account seriously, because the correct choice affects, just like the design, to the results of a communication. There are an infinite variety of materials and printing papers, with its peculiarities such as weights, sizes, charting and resilience. The most common printing system used for catalogs, brochures, leaflets and flyers is off-set. For larger print runs other systems are used, such as rotary prints or Gravure printing system (which does not offer as much quality as the off-set) However there are other printing systems to consider for producing catalogs.

The most common number of inks for printing are four, known as CMYK. But there are a wide variety of special and direct inks. In addition, we must take into account finishes applied to a catalog.

There are many different types of varnishes, laminating, UVI reserves, fold types, dies and all kinds of manipulations that can be added to a catalogue or brochure. This will give them distinctiveness and impress your target audience.

At the graphic design studio Mediactiu, we have designed a lot of catalogs, brochures, annual reports, magazines, flyers … and all kinds of promotional items and product communications for local, national and international companies. Our clients come from very different market areas. Leaders from the sector of promotional gifts, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, health sector, industrial sector, electricity, food and beverage industry, hotels and restaurants, tourism. We work with all small and medium businesses that pretend to maintain and increase their share in the competitive market.

Besides all of this, our graphic desing and web design studio mediactiu specializes in graphic design for advertising, editorial design (focusing on the realization of books, magazines and catalogue design, annual reports, etc). We also offer other services such as corporate identity design (naming, logo design, creation of manuals), web design, packaging design, typography design, signage design, design of actions and elements for point of sale, multimedia design, online marketing (SEO), online campaigns and social media campaigns.