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mediactiu emailing - EmailingThe Emailing is one of the most used actions of marketing by companies due to its agility and low cost. Through controlled lists, information is transmitted, leads are captured and loyalty of customers is achieved.

The database should be segmented according to the target audience and must have the approval of the user for recieving our emails. Only this way, we can have a direct and reliable communication with our customers.

There are several professional tools which facilitate the management and result control of emailings. The graphic design and web design studio Mediactiu offers the

creation of customized solutions for e-mailings. It offers a global service to suit every need and covering all aspects of the Project. From consulting to the development of creativity, graphic design, layouts and programming of databases for managing emalings.

Emailings are most often used for reporting news, product releases, special offers, updates, promotions and events among others.

The effectiveness of an emailing campaign depends on factors like:

• Creativity and a good design level for the emailing

• The quality of the database (e- mails )

• The value of emailing content (text, graphics, etc. )

• Content optimization so that there is a good transit and reception.


An emailing campaign can also provide :

• Increased traffic on a web page

• Loyalty in relationships with customers and/or suppliers

• Provide additional values ​​(such as information, promotions, coupons, etc.)

• An emailing campaign is controllable and measurable, so one can adjust future emailing actions

• Constant communication with our database

Besides designing emailing campaigns and graphics , we also develop websites, mobile solutions and applications for Smartphones and tablets,multimedia design, creation and design of online marketing (SEO, online campaigns, social media campaigns… ) , marketing actions, marketing and communications consultancy, strategic analysis and competition, communication strategies, marketing and communication plans, advertising design, branding creation (creation of naming, logo design, style guide creation, logo restyling… ) editorial design (book design and layout, magazine design, catalogue design, design of annual reports, brochures… ), packaging design, retail, always adapting ourselves to the needs of each Project. We have worked for pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and health industry, industrial sector, energy sector, food and beverage industry, confectionary industry, hotel and catering industry, tourism, industry institutions, advertising gifts…