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Graphic design is the specialization or service that covers the creation, establishing criteria, rating and production of visual communication elements. These elements are intended to transmit the client’s expectations to the target of the information, such as specific social groups with a clear and specific purpose.

In the graphic design and web design studio Mediactiu, we study, synthesize and develop all kinds of projects, ideas, events, services, products and values. Always taking into acount social, cultural, economic and aesthetic values. With this analysis and working process we develop the graphic communication elements that our clients need for reaching their goals and targets in an efficent way so that they can recover their investment.

Currently, given the steady and rapid growth of information, graphic design demand is greater than ever. The development of new technologies and the unstoppable evolution of social factors and trends as well as market competition itself, requires that brands and companies have a specific annual Budget for graphic design projects. This helps to evolve and improve its corporate and product identity, as well as increasing their market share and improving their branding.

Besides all of this, our graphic desing and web design studio mediactiu specializes in graphic design for advertising, editorial design (focusing on the realization of books, magazines and catalogue design, annual reports, etc). We also offer other services such as corporate identity design (naming, logo design, creation of manuals), web design, packaging design, typography design, signage design, design of actions and elements for point of sale, multimedia design, online marketing (SEO), online campaigns and social media campaigns.