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mediactiu community 2 - Interactive appsAn interactive application or App allows the user to interact with the computer, tablet or smartphone. Using diverse codes the application, such as texts, images, sounds, videos, etc… The correct implementation and design of an interactive application facilitates the presentation of products or services to a approach potential clients, in addition to the transfer of information in an easy and educational way.

As in a web page, in an interactive application must take into account the structuring of information, creating a logical architecture. The contents must be displayed in the screen in an organized and structured way which facilitates the user to interact with the application. The graphic interface is also a factor to be taken into account in the design of interactive applications, it will be the friendly approach that kind that will guide the user and must make him comfortable using the application.

The graphic design and web design studio Mediactiu offers more than 13 years of experience in creating Apps for its clients, always adapting projects to specific customer needs. Mediactiu also offers services such as community management, e marketing campaigns, website design and positioning. Mediactiu develops strategies for each project in order to achieve the best results. Mediactiu, develops websites, mobile solutions and applications for Smartphones and tablets,multimedia design, creation and design of online marketing for pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and health industry, industrial sector, energy sector, food and beverage industry, confectionary industry, hotel and catering industry, tourism, industry institutions…