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Marketing actions and communication elements

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Marketing actions are the events and elements of communication that are performed according to a defined strategy in time, guided through a marketing or communication plan to a selected target audience, always looking out for the most adequate message and media to make it reach our target audience.

The message must fit the moment and situation, the environment, and communication should clearly convey the intended message. It is important to create a fluid communication between Brand or company and our target consumer. In case we are creating an internal marketing and communication strategy, it is important to have a clear communication with our employees.

These services can be hired directly to a graphic design and web design studio like Mediactiu, by establishing a situation or objective to be achieved in order for us to provide a strategic and creative solution. Or if you already have a strategy and action plan, we can develop all of the necessary graphic elements you may need. Our graphic design and web design studio Mediactiu makes marketing and communication actions in all its variants and we adapt ourselves to the needs of each Project, no matter if it is for pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, healthcare, industrial, electrical and electronic industry, food and beverage industry, catering sector, hotel industry, tourism industry, institutional sector, industry advertising and promotional gifts … among others.

At Mediactiu , apart from the study of marketing and communication elements , we also offer graphic design solutions in advertising , branding design (design of naming, logo design, corporate manual creation) editorial design (focusing on the realization of books, magazines and design of catalogs and annual reports, brochures … ) web design, packaging design, signage design, multimedia design, retail, trade marketing solutions and direct marketing, online marketing ( search engine SEO, online campaigns, social media campaign) …