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Marketing and Communications Plan

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The Marketing and communication plan is an essential element to ensure the success of the actions that a company or institution will perform for external communication directed to clients or Human Resources for internal communication addressed to employees.

The marketing or communication plan can be drawn within an agreed time, always being recommended to be as long as possible in order to set a clear goal and have a better forecast and control of the shares. During the course of the period in which it is designed, we can always adjust the plan to the reality of the moment, but the ultimate goal that should be achieved must be maintained.

Currently and given the economic circumstances, marketing and comunication plans tend to be improvised, deciding at the last moment the actions that are going to be taken. This fact leads to mistakes, goals are not achieved correctly, and it generates stress in most departments and working teams such as marketing department, communication department, graphic designers, web programmers, printers, peers and managers.

At our graphic design and web design studio Mediactiu, we also offer consulting and marketing plan development. We first define the objectives in order to promote the development of action plans based on the budget you set. We first analyze the situation, then we developed the strategy and type of actions we are going to develop, we set a schedule and method of control, necessary to measure the outcome . Controlled and managed information based on some effective procedures will be used to achieve the objectives of the action plan and improve communication from the continuous transfer of information with our customers.

During our years of experience, we have made ​​marketing and communication plans for all types of businesses and sectors (pharmaceutical, laboratories, healthcare, industrial, electrical and electronics, food and beverage industry, catering industry, hotel industry, tourism industry, institutional sector, industry advertising and promotional gifts … etc.)