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Measurement of results

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Marketing strategies require result control for each of the media and actions, and developed elements.


Verifying the efforts made in an action or campaign for Marketing offer ROI ( Return on investment) , it is essential to make smart decisions and determine where we should reinvest to maximize profits and not expect results blindly. The saving of money, time and effort are very important, they can also determine the success or failure of a marketing campaign.

There is no exact formula for measuring implementation of marketing ROI due to the obvious differences between companies, products and services. So it is important to measure profitability of the brands, management and compilation of data and values ​​of clients as well as restrictions on confidentiality of clients in different legislations.

At our graphic design and web design studio Mediactiu, we perform evaluations establishing clear, specific and measurable goals that have been set as fixed values ​​to reach factors such as:

• Cost of campaigns or marketing investment
• Sales
• Positioning
• Customer satisfaction
• Value average lifetime of a customer
• Growing value of customer
• Market coverage
• Market share

… and everything related to the actual structure of the company.

At our graphic design and web design studio Mediactiu, we also offer solutions in advertising design, branding creation (creation of naming, logo design, style guide creation) editorial design (making books, designing magazines and catalogs, annual reports , brochures … ) web design, packaging design, multimedia design, retail, online marketing (search engine SEO, online campaigns, social media campaigns) …