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The naming is the English term which has been attributed to the creation of a “word” that will identify a company, product, service …

To create a new naming, in the graphic design and web design studio Mediactiu, we study the company and / or product or service on which to perform the naming.

In the creation of a new naming we believe it is essential to take into account the strategy, Brand philosophy, knowing the product or service and target. The analysis process is similar to the one made for the creation of branding, in both cases we are creating brand identity. In branding we do the graphics and in naming we give the Brand an acoustic sound.

We could say that the naming is the first step for creating a brand, the result of the creation of the naming process must accommodate the product or service in the best way, differentiating it from the competition, reporting power and character to highlighting its values.

The naming value lies primarily in the ease of being remembered, its sound must become intelligible and maintain a relationship with the product or service it represents.

Techniques for creating a naming are many, from referrals to abbreviations and acronyms, other languages ​​(Latin, Spanish, italian…), compositions … But above all prevails the technical expertise and creativity.

Other related projects that can be offered by the Graphic and web design Studio Mediactiu are: corporate identity design, creation of naming and logo restyling. Besides, our design studio also offers advertising solutions related to graphic design, editorial design. Focusing on the realization of books, magazine and catalog design; web design, packaging design, signage design, multimedia design, retail, online marketing (search engine SEO, online campaigns, social media campaigns, etc.)