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The packaging is the element that gives visibility to the brand image of a product, as well as being a piece of communication. The packaging is the first impression of the product when exposed, so you have to give value to the brand, in addition to the product visibility.

Aspects such as functionality, reusability and recycling and an attractive graphic design are essential for packaging itself becomes an added value of the brand and product. It is the first contact with the consumer, so you have to send a clear and direct message. The packaging design can make the difference between choosing a product from another.

At our graphic design and web design studio Mediactiu, we are specialized in packaging design, an element that helps the businesses of our customers grow. We study the needs of the market, growing opportunities of a product, ranges, we analyze the competitive environment and the commercial reality of each company in order to achieve successful results based on a firm approach to the project.Packaging for products is an element of forced necessity in most cases, but not all sectors or types of products need packaging that seduct or attract customers for its purchase. A clear example is the pharmaceutical sector with prescription products. On the other hand, there are products that need an attractive packaging in order to be sold, because the product is unattractive, this happens a lot in the food sector