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Photo retouching

mediactiu retoque fotografico - Photo retouching

The photo editing and retouching is the process that allows us to create and enhance forms and effects on an image and recover damaged or missing artwork in a photograph. By using various photo editing techniques we can improve the quality of original photographs while defects or errors are corrected and emphasis is marked on some aspects of a particular item.

Retouching is also used to create images that are impossible to capture with the camera lens. By the process of photomontage, elements of different photographs are blended in order to créate a final composition.

In the graphic design and web designs studio mediactiu, we treat with care and rigor the adjustment, retouching and image processing . We accumulate knowledge and experience in photo retouching trying all kinds of products, worked for all industries from food industry (beverages, confectionery, ready meals, fresh products, meats , pastries …), industrial sector (machinery, parts, environment industrial …) Hotels and Restaurants (interior details, kitchens, environment, food, atmosphere) among other sectors. We care about all aspects of photopraphy so that in the end, the result of each picture is always the most appropriate.