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RETAIL (Advertising Point of Sales)

mediactiu plv 1 - RETAIL (Advertising Point of Sales)Includes businesses such as supermarkets, branded stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, banks and restaurants in some cases (we can name examples such as: McDonald’s, Pans & Company, Bocatta, Pizza Hut …). This term has a great relation with franchises, chain stores, and it is also refered to the e-commerce (online stores).

Communication at the point of sale is extensive and offers all types of solutions that always aim to capture attention and inform the target or buyer.

The graphic design and web design studio Mediactiu has extensive experience in advising and designing strategies for retail, enhancing the image and brand concept, product or presentation of promotions and product launches. Our service encompasses all phases of the process. From the study and analysis of the needs of sales, strategic development and creative solutions in graphic design, industrial design, prototyping, 3D printing, selecting materials and finishes, as well as logistics and storage.

The aim of our graphic design and web design studio is to present creative and effective solutions for Retail actions, in order to improve the shopping experience of the target audience and increase sales for our clients.

Our graphic design and web design studio Mediactiu, has made ​​retail projects for companies of all types and sectors such as pharmaceutical, laboratory, industrial, electrical and electronic industries, food and beverage industry, confectionery sector, catering industry, hotels and tourism sector among others.