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Video Postproduction and editing

Post-production and editing a video is basic to any audiovisual project intended to be professional.

Once you have started a project to create a video, there are several phases that must be met in order to obtain the expected result. At the graphic design and web design studio Mediactiu, we generate global audiovisual projects, from creating a story board, the search and choice of locations, casting, filming and / or animation material for the video postproduction (grading, selection and treatment of scenes …), sound and editing for final delivery.

During the process of postproduction of a video, a selection of all the shooted material is made in order to proceed to the final assembly. During the assembly of the video, in addition to the different scenes, special effects, animations, 3D simulations, text, voiceovers, music, etc. are mixed. This process is what determines the outcome of the piece. This process is made with software tolos such as After Effects, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere

We share with you some links to videos made by us to the industrial sector, energy sector, food industry, gift item and promotional sector among others. And search our YouTube channel for more videos online.