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mediactiu fotografia producto - Product photography

The pictures of products and the overall image of them is of great importance in the world of communication , marketing and retail. When we look for a particular product in the market, a high quality photography, capable of highlighting the features and benefits of the product and its environment are very important. This will help motivate the target audience, and is probably the most insightful way to differentiate in a competitive market.

For launching a new product to the market it is essential to have a good photo shoot of our product. The main objective is to enhance the features and benefits of the product. The photographic techniques are very important; good exposure control, lights, shadows and framing to properly display a product. A good photograph of a product must clearly show the product material, control brightness, volume and reflections. Sometimes it is necessary to do retouching of the photoprah in order to highlight specific details of the product.

There are different formats for photographs for products according to its final use. On the one hand we have the pictures of product (isolated) with a white background, where the leading role lies on the product. There are also photographs called of “still life” where a set of products or the product is accompanied by props. There is also the option of placing the product in a specific environment or atmosphere in order to reinforce its use or style.

The product photographs may have different uses, from photographs for product catalogs or online stores and web pages to pictures of artistic types. In the graphic design and web design studio mediactiu, we have a photo set in our facilities in order to provide a complete service. Our service covers all different stages of a Project, starting with giving advise to our client, creative and artistic direction of the photoshoot ending with the final retouching and delivery of the photographs taken. With this process we get better results and more flexibility in de development of photographic projects. Wheter we make the photo shoots in our premises, in outdoor spaces or in our clients offices, we can offer you our expertise.