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Product video

The video of a product is a digital medium that was originally developed for broadcast television systems, but thanks to new technologies and platforms it has resulted in countless formats. Currently this is a very powerful means of dissemination and a fast way to reach people, that enables you to easily find any product through multiple electronic devices within reach of the target audience (smartphones, tablets, etc). We can also have platforms specialized in the storage and disclosure of videos such as YouTube, Vimeo, … That will further disseminate our product videos.

Creating videos of our products is a key tool to share ideas, concepts, training, publicize new products, their advantages, build brand equity, reaching a large number of people and therefore customer loyalty or capturing future buyers. The video of a product can focus on many aspects, from design, manufacturing, the environment and its use, operation, repair …

So the video of a product can satisfy any kind of needs; commercial, informational or training, and it is aimed at any type of sector and target.

The video of a product is able to capture the public’s attention more easily. It has the advantage of being able to synthesize information and inform consumers dynamically. Currently, on-line videos are also an essential addition to websites and may even enhance the on-line trade and traffic of a website.

In the graphic design and web design studio Mediactiu we also work on creating product videos. Taking care that everything in the video is shown in a logical and coherent way. We also add a dose of creativity, aesthetics and graphics that characterizes us (always complying with corporate style manuals, briefings, budgets and timings agreed with the client).

We share with you some links to videos made by us to the industrial sector, energy sector, food industry, gift item and promotional sector among others. And search our YouTube channel for more videos online.