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Promotional campaigns and promotional marketing known also as direct marketing, are the disciplines that are experiencing a significant increase at our graphic design and web design studio Mediactiu. This service is offered to businesses that want to communicate new products or services, promote themselves or their corporate commercial activity in a more direct and one to one way. Through direct marketing activities you can improve personal communication with your target audience, attract new customers and retain existing customers. This type of promotional campaigns are very effective in any sector, business type or size. Therefore we can find promotional campaigns for the pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, healthcare, industrial, electrical and electronics, food and beverage industry, catering industry, hotel industry, tourism industry, institutional sector, etc.

Any promotional communication action requires a promotional channel or specific advertising medium, which suits customer / industry, promotional products and target audience. This is achieved by defining, along with our clients, what are the objectives of the campaign and analyze the different alternatives that offers the product for promotion. Once we have decided the promotional strategy it is important to check that the promotional action will be effective enough during the pre-release. This way the launching of the promotional campaign will be based on a preliminary analysis.

The purpose of the ideas that we develop as a design, marketing and creative studio are focused on creating expectation according to the needs and requirements of each project. We tailor each campaign so that it suits the channel in wich it will be launched. We develop the whole campaign, from concept to design, controlling the entire graphic production, giving the client control over the process that favors the success of each and every one of the promotional campaigns we do.

At our graphic desing and web design studio mediactiu, apart from creating and helping our clients with their Promotional campaigns, we design technical catalogues and brochures, we are specialized in graphic design for advertising, editorial design (focusing on the realization of books, magazines and catalogue design, annual reports, etc). We also offer other services such as corporate identity design (naming, logo design, creation of manuals), web design, packaging design, typography design, signage design, design of actions and elements for point of sale, multimedia design, online marketing (SEO), online campaigns and social media campaigns.