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The signage is the study and development of a universal visual communication system which doesn’t depend of typographic reading or understanding. It is based on the synthesis of information by signs or symbols that guide and direct a person or group in a specific space. Signage helps and facilitates fast information and guidance.


Our graphic design and web design studio Mediactiu has developed projects where signage has been required. Mediactiu has been involved in developing, designing and customizing graphic signage to provide additional information to users and simply communication with graphic solutions.

Customizing and designing the signage lies, once again, in the importance of Branding and corporate image (graphic style) of the establishment, or space we are going to work in. It is important to reinforce the Brand values on the signage we design and apply. The signage, by law and courtesy, is applied to all types of business sectors, institutional, recreational …

Apart from signage projects, at our graphic desing and web design studio mediactiu, we design all types of catalogues and brochures, we are specialized in graphic design for advertising, editorial design (focusing on the realization of books, magazines and catalogue design, annual reports, etc). We also offer other services such as corporate identity design (naming, logo design, creation of manuals), web design, packaging design, typography design, signage design, design of actions and elements for point of sale, multimedia design, online marketing (SEO), online campaigns and social media campaigns.