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Strategic analysis and goal setting

mediactiu estrategico 1 - Strategic analysis and goal setting

Strategic analysis is key to succed and achieve our goals. Knowing the market, knowing our field of action, knowing our customers and other external and internal factors and to identify where and how to compete, are essential to generate a strategic analysis and to define objectives.

Self-criticism is very important to know our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. From this analysis we can anticipate events, search for alternative scenarios, get niche markets, etc… Externally, we must never ignore the geopolitical, economic and environmental context .

After a though analysis and creating a strategy, the next step is setting goals, both short and long term. This will help us to better exploit our resources, internal strengths and external opportunities. The objectives can be explained as purposes or achievements to get. Objectives must have certain characteristics; they must be measurable and achievable in order to verify their results and know whether we have achieved them, they must be specific, motivating and be set in a specific period of time.

Therefore, at the graphic design and web design studio mediactiu, we can help you answer questions such as: Who do I want to be as a company? and Where do I want to go? To give the best and most complete solution.