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An online catalog is an element that is gaining ground as a tool for selling and promoting products and services. It is a very useful tool to approach customers in an easy, quick and cheap way. Virtual catalogues are not limited to a specific physical space because they are stored online. A virtual catalogue is the digital version of a traditional printed catalog.

A virtual catalogue can replace or coexist with traditional catalogs, providing certain advantages such as :

Easy access and Distribution: it can be placed within the content of a web page or can be sent digitally. It is accessible from anywhere in the world from a website or through mobile devices. We can also design a specific app for a virtual catalogue.

Eco: saving natural resources. A virtual catalogue avoids the use of paper and inks.

Reduced costs to generate savings in production.

Great variety of media and formats: Videos, animations, graphics, interactivity, etc… all of these elements can be added easily to a virtual catalogue.

The graphic design and web design studio Mediactiu, offers global services and projects to cover all needs related to creating a virtual catalogue, from consulting, development of creative graphic designs, layouts and programming the most suitable elements for every need.

In addition to the design of virtual catalogs, we also develop websites, mobile solutions and applications for Smartphone and tablets, multimedia design, creation and design of online marketing (SEO, online campaigns, social media campaigns… ) , marketing actions, marketing and communications consultancy, strategic analysis and competition, communication strategies, marketing and communication plans, advertising design, branding creation (creation of naming, logo design, style guide creation, logo restyling… ) editorial design (book design and layout, magazine design, catalogue design, design of annual reports, brochures… ), packaging design, retail, always adapting ourselves to the needs of each Project. We have worked for pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and health industry, industrial sector, energy sector, food and beverage industry, confectionary industry, hotel and catering industry, tourism, industry institutions, advertising gifts…