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diseno banners para web estudio - Web banners

Banners are a key element in online communication and web design. Banners are part of the structure of most web pages, either for self-promotion (intended to highlight content from the website ) or as an Internet advertising space (an advertising banner is a space that is paid for its inclusion).

In both cases the main goal is to attract traffic to the website, or a specific content. This determines that banners are designed to attract attention, highlight content or communicate key messages. Banners have versatile formats, is the web design which delimits itself. Depending on the needs, one can create static banners, animated banners (through transitions between different contents), rich media banners which allow user interaction (some can even be made as games). The design and programming of a banner is usually generated by images, but animations, videos, programming code can be used in a wide variety of formats (gifs, jpgs , pngs , flash , mpeg , mp4 , mov, etc).

The graphic design and web design studio Mediactiu offers a comprehensive service to suit every need. Covering from consulting, development of creative and communication proposal for a banner, graphic design and programming of the banners. In addition to the design of banners, we also work with projects for website solutions, mobile applications for Smart phone and tablets, multimedia design, creation and design of online marketing (SEO, online campaigns, social media campaigns… ) marketing and communications consultancy, strategic analysis and competition, communication strategies, marketing and communication plans, marketing activities, advertising design, branding creation (creation of naming, logo design, creation of corporate style manuals), editorial design (book design and layouts, magazine design, catalog design, design of annual reports, brochures… ) , packaging design, retail. All of our projects adapt to the needs of each client, we have worked for pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, healthcare, industrial, electrical and electronic industry, food industry and beverages, confectionery sector, catering industry, hospitality industry, tourism industry, institutional sector, advertising and promotional gifts etc.