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For designing websites, we should take into account two important aspects:

On one hand the design of the graphic interface of the website, which should represent the brand and introduce their products and/or services in a clear and intuitive way. The graphic design of the website must be coherent with the graphic style of the brand in all aspects; colors, fonts, graphics, etc…

When designing a website, it is basic to be aware of the usability, graphics and contents. Websites are the first impression companies and businesses have on their cllients and their target audience.

The other important aspect to be aware while designing a website, are the technical aspects.

When planning the design of a website, one has to take into account the navigability, interactivity, usability, content and interaction that the user has with elements such as audio, text, images, links, videos, access to downloads, restrictions, backoffices, etc… And the possibility to offer our customer a backoffice of the website so that they can mangage content.

Scheduling and optimization of a web for it to be visible in the largest number of browsers, screen sizes and different devices (PCs , smartphones , tablets , laptops … ) plays a crucial role to achieve the best results on a web design Project.

That is the reason why a good design, architecture, structure, content planning, usability, optimizatiion and an efficent programming for a website are essential for it to work as a proper communication tool for any company.

There are other factors to take into account that make a website successful. SEO and Adwords, facilitating an increase in the web traffic through search engines like Google , Yahoo , etc…

At the graphic design and web design studio mediactiu, we have developed web and multimedia projects of all kinds. Throughout more than 12 years we have always been committed to technological developments that have been happening in order to always offer the best and most appropriate solutions for each project.

Our graphic design and web design studio, develops website projects, mobile and Smartphone applications, e- marketing actions, SEO and SEM, Social Networking and communication in all its variants and we adapt ourselves to the needs of each project, working with pharmaceutical companies , laboratories, healthcare, industrial, electrical and electronic industry, food industry and beverages, confectionery sector, catering industry, hotel industry, tourism industry, institutional sector, advertising and promotional gifts etc…

Apart from being a web design studio, we offer solutions in marketing and communications consultancy, strategic analysis and competition, communication strategies, marketing and communication plans, marketing activities, advertising design, brand design and creation (creation of naming, logo design, style guidelines…) editorial design (book design and layout, magazine design, catalogue design, design of annual reports, brochures… ) , packaging design, retail, web design, multimedia design, Apps mobile applications, creation and design of online marketing ( SEO, online campaigns, social media campaigns ) …