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Video editing is a process in which audiovisual montages are created using photographs, graphics, video clips, digital and sound effects, music tuning, and voice-overs.

The objective is to achieve a final video, to be exported to the format required by the project or client. Sound is a fundamental part of video editing, however, we always have the possibility to create a silent or subtitled video, this will depend largely on the need and level of the audiovisual project.
There are certain stages that must be fulfilled in the creation of a video, so that we can obtain the desired result.
In the graphic design and web design studio, we generate integral projects. We start our work from the analysis of objectives and needs through the creation of a story board, the appropriate choice of locations, casting, shooting and / or animation to post production and editing. Taking, at all times, the needs of our customers very much into account and carrying out in a meticulous manner all the monitoring and management of the project.
With all the material we obtain from a recording, we make a selection, and then take it to the editing stage, where we mix different scenes of special effects, simulations and 3D animations, melodies, voice-overs, voiceovers...
This is where we define the final result of the piece, working with video editing programs such as After Effects, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, among others.
Within the types of videos there are two main aspects: the product or service video, which will help the customer to disseminate more effectively and validly the advantages of their product or service and bring them knowledge, and the corporate video, which aims to convey the values of your brand or company, showing itself to your audience in a fun and dynamic way.

In a more detailed way, we can say that the product or service video is a very powerful digital means of diffusion that, as users, allows us to know those products in which we are interested, through different platforms and digital devices.
Today, any of our potential customers have access to smartphones, tablets or other devices. That is why they have already established themselves as the most important digital video broadcast media on the Internet.
The YouTube, Vimeo platforms, which use online video players and streaming views to display content, are very attractive tools for product and service videos. They have a very simple hosting and an efficient indexing and search system that allows you to make your product, service, advantages, concept and brand value known in an agile way, making this information available to your target audience.

The advantages of a product and service video are, among other things, that it adapts to any need, whether commercial, informative or educational, capturing the attention of the target audience.
Currently the use of online videos are an indispensable complement to the web pages, to boost online traffic and commerce.
Our team in the graphic design and web design studio goes beyond what was agreed with the client so that the product videos are shown with the correct material, complying with the briefings, budgets and timings; but we provide the dose of creativity and design that differentiates us.

The corporate video, on the other hand, has as its main objective to make known the philosophy, activity, advantages and social commitment of a company. It fulfils the function of an audiovisual business card, allowing the transmission of its values.
We work so that they relate to each other: the graphic style, all the communication that has been done so far and the philosophy of the company. We maintain and clearly reinforce the image that our clients want to obtain.
A corporate video can have multiple applications, such as commercial promotion on websites, sector or corporate websites, communication elements, branding and media, among others.
In our graphic and web design studio, we are convinced that a corporate video can be adapted to all kinds of needs, depending on what the client wants.
The theme of the video is essential to focus the approach of it, where you can show the new facilities of the company, the staff, the methodology, the environment, its customers, etc.. These videos allow you to present the philosophy and values of the brand, as well as to get closer to the customer by showing part of your environment or the work team, bringing together the most human side of the company.
To carry out the projects we use all kinds of graphic material, computer graphics, 3D images, animations, diagrams, as well as audio: voiceover, tuning or sound effects. We adapt to the requirements of the project and the client. We are in charge of the evolution of the